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 ie Write Standalone Feb 7, 2004 78
ie Write is an all purpose word processor with many powerful features including save as HTML, Shortcuts, text cleaning, auto text, typographic hints, autosave functions and more. The standalone version allows you to create standalone applications....
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 Prolix Feb 7, 2004 70
Prolix is a Windows text editor which features a clean, intuitive interface. It is an MDI (multiple document interface) style application, so it can open many files at once....
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 MillionDoc Designer Feb 7, 2004 70
MillionDoc is an intelligent document solution for automated creation of documents. MillionDoc Designer allows you to create intelligent documents. The tool comes with a graphical interface in which you design without programming intelligent documents. MillionDoc End-User guides the end-users throu...
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 SQLPortal Professional Feb 7, 2004 67
SQLPortal Professional is an easy reporting tool that allows you to incorporate all relevant information from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases into your Microsoft Word document. End users can create their own letters, contracts, reports and mailings containing data fr...
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 Flame Edit Mar 17, 2004 67
This easy to use text editor allows the user to copy and past multiple words at one time. It also contains many features such as spell check. It is very good for home work or scripting....
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 AlphaBrowser Feb 7, 2004 66
AlphaBrowser represents a text editor with highlight of syntax and a viewer of the most popular today formats of files: MS Office (*.doc, *.rtf, *.xls). Html (*.html, *.htm, *.shtml, *.asp, *.css). Audio (*.mp3, *.mid, *.wav, *.rmi, *.midi). Video (*.avi, *.mov, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat). G...
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 OpAccounter Feb 7, 2004 66
OpAccounter extends the possibilities of use of Pivot Table in Excel. Also, it increases the convenience of using of Pivot Table by next causes: 1. OpAccounter simplifys the creating of typical pivot tables. 2. OpAccounter allows to make next checkings of the source data before creating of the piv...
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 Advanced Text Storage Feb 7, 2004 65
Advanced Text Storage is a Windows based application designed to store, edit and reuse frequently-used text, which can be transferred between the program and Windows Clipboard. Advanced Text Storage is a simple utility that will help you avoid typing the same text over and over again and make it e...
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 HyperClipper Feb 7, 2004 64
HyperClipper is a clipboard utility that uses usual clipboard and usual ways to copy/ paste (by mouse, by Shift+Ins or Ctrl+V), but allows paste previously copied clips, using the same keys. It makes possible to paste anywhere texts from some sort of library (templates) using all the time Shift+I...
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 PDF Split-Merge Aug 7, 2004 63
PDF Split-Merge is a stand-alone application that can be used to split, merge, and manage your PDF files, PDF Split- Merge is offered as an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) application, and a command line application. PDF Split-Merge is used to split files by pages, you can split th...
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