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 HindiPad Sep 9, 2004 154
HindiPad is a full featured Hindi wordprocessor that makes Hindi typing and wordprocessing easy thanks to its unique type as you speak layout that allows you to type Hindi the same way you pronounce it. Includes over 300 Devnagari fonts....
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 Super Text Search Feb 7, 2004 154
Super Text Search is a utility which enables you to quickly search files for text. You can search anything from a single file to an entire drive for any text you need to find. Both plain text files (program source code, batch files, HTML files, etc.) and binary files (word processing and spreads...
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 CLR Tabs to Spaces Apr 5, 2004 143
The program CLR Tabs To Spaces? converts tab characters to space characters in text files and on the clipboard. The tab locations are equally spaced and can be customized. Read the revision history for a complete list of features and improvements. Here are some of the many uses for CLR Tabs To Space...
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 Mapsoft Impress Pro Feb 7, 2004 124
Impress Pro is an Acrobat Exchange plug-in that enables a text impression (text stamp) or multiple impressions to be added to a range of pages in one or more PDF files. For added convenience, the document information fields, the default index, a base URL, the open defaults, and security can be ...
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 The Journal Nov 29, 2005 120
The Journal is a wonderful software for keeping daily records, suitable for both professional and personal use. Fast and easily record your thoughts and ideas, research notes and writing exercises, your project planning notes and decision details, anything you want! Organize your life with The J...
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 CT Quick Spell Feb 7, 2004 118
Camtech's Quick Spell is a fast program that utilizes the MS Word spell check function to quickly check the spelling of words or entire documents without having to open a bulky program. Type in the word or copy and paste documents from within the program. YOU MUST HAVE MS WORD INSTALLED TO USE THI...
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 Wordware for Word for Windows Feb 7, 2004 118
Wordware is the hottest, most comprehensive, productivity-boosting solution package for Word for Windows. Wordware 2002 is a complete suite of tools, add-ons, and templates for Word for Windows. Wordware contains essential tools Word needs such as complete file management, website URL managemen...
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 X-ABook Feb 7, 2004 117
X-ABook can save reports in Rich Text format, Excel spreadsheet, HTML, Text and Comma Separated format (RTF, XLS, HTML, TXT and CSV). X-ABook gives you a great way to manage addresses and other contact information. All of the "must haves" you'd want in such a program are here, all wrapped up ...
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 TextWiz Feb 7, 2004 112
Ever had to replace a paragraph or block of text or code in all of your html or any type files at one time? Sure, you could load all the files into your html editor or word processor and edit the files manually or even use its search and replace feature. But does it support mutliple lines of text? ...
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 Dictation 2002 Oct 23, 2003 108
All in one Speech Recognition Dictation Pad with WaveToText, PointnSpeak (in any Windows Application), Mobile Dictation, MS Office Word Dictation and Custom Language Pronunciation Builder. Available in English, Chinese and Japanese languages the v3 now supports the development of a pronunciation...
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