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 KingKanji for Windows 9x/NT, Windows CE, and PalmOS Feb 25, 2004 363
KingKanji the award winning Japanese / kanji flashcard program for Windows, Palm, and CE devices. Won 1st place! in the Association of Computing Machinery's Quest for Windows CE contest. Has animated stroke display for 1st-6th grade Joyo kanji and kana (over 1, 200 characters). Provides stroke o...
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 Quick Lookup for PocketPC Feb 25, 2004 248
Quick Lookup is a reference tool software, packed with 3 applications: Quick Lookup Dictionary Reader; (PocketPC, HandheldPC and Windows); To read dictionaries in MXD files (a proprietary file format). Dictionary Builder; (Windows only); To build dictionary/ reference database in MXD format, or t...
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 FolderSize Feb 25, 2004 232
Shows you which folders are the largest on your PocketPC! Include/ Exclude Rom from the allocated space view! View Storage cards Storage cards are placed apart from the main memory for easy access! Delete Files/ Folders Directly from FolderSize! Include individual Files An option to view individ...
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 BugMe! for Pocket PC Feb 25, 2004 229
BugMe! is an ingeniously simple note taker and memory jolter. Relevant and useful to everyone who owns a Pocket PC. With BugMe! by your side, you won't forget a single thing... Convenient note taking in your handwriting or text Quick and flexible alarm setting Record and play voice note...
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 MoneyMinder Feb 25, 2004 172
MoneyMinder is *the* easy and intuitive way to manage your checking and savings accounts on your Windows Powered Pocket PC or Palm-size PC! It has been designed with the goal of greatly minimizing the amount of information that you must enter in order to log and view transactions. As a result, you'...
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 PDAGraphiX May 4, 2004 172
>PDAGraphiXBy PDA Advanced Ltda Pocket PC 2003 Supported!! Don't be frustrated because you can't graph on your Pocket Excel. PDAGraphiX makes it possible. PDAGraphiX is a powerful, flexible and dynamic graphic tool, which easily allows making amazing graphics as soon as tapping once. Download it...
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 Accessories Pack Feb 25, 2004 163
An excellent software bundle for any new PocketPC user. Three of our best selling utilities: Expression Calculator, Drawing Notes, File Navigator at a very reasonable price!...
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 Cresotech PocketSafe Feb 25, 2004 158
PocketSafe provides the comfortable management and secure storage of passwords, nicknames, credit card, bank account and document data as well as other confidential information. The records in database are stored encrypted and password-protected. The mobile world requires mobile solutions with da...
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 DoobloDates Feb 25, 2004 126
DoobloDates organizes your events by categories and allows you to see all your important events grouped together! Use Your Own Icons! Use your own icons from your PC, or download some icons! Download Event Lists. Choose from an ever growing database of event lists! Customize View - Change shown fi...
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