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 Bubble Thriller Pocket Feb 22, 2004 247
Now this addictive game will run on pocket devices running WindowsCE (PocketPC). It is a new puzzle game combining simple rules with great wealth of combinations and various strategies. Try this game, and you'll never forget that thrilling feeling when a flock of bubbles flies in and you never know...
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 BrickShooter for Casio BE-300 Feb 24, 2004 244
BrickShooter for Windows CE is a 100% original combinatorial mindgame. You send bricks from all the borders to the island in the middle, and when 3 bricks of the same color meet they annihilate each other. It looks so easy but try to beat all levels ;) Pocket BrickShooter is a great way to be creat...
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 Yukon Feb 25, 2004 237
Yukon plays like a cross of Scorpion and Klondike. Yukon is hard to beat, and require a lot of skill and some luck. Give it a try, download a 14-days evaluation copy, and get intrigued by the gameplay....
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 PocketConquest Feb 13, 2002 235
Conquest is a version of Risk for Windows PCs, HandheldPCs and PocketPCs. You must fight against up to 7 computer controlled opponents to take over the world before you are eliminated by your enemies. Each computer opponent has their own personality, which you can customize or add to by editing th...
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 Nonogram Puzzles for Pocket PCs Feb 25, 2004 234
Nonogram puzzles are a type of Japanese logic puzzle also known as Picture Logic or Paint-By-Number puzzles. The object is to complete a picture in a grid by using logic. The clues tell you how many squares are filled in each row and column. The full version of this program also comes with a nonogr...
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 Pocket Bornes Feb 24, 2004 224
Pocket Bornes is based on a French car racing card game. While you race to the finish line, play your cards to slow your opponent down and overcome your opponent's efforts to slow you down. Features: One or two players; Two difficulty levels; Options/ Scores persisted, even on reset; Undo; Simple...
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 PuzzlePack Feb 25, 2004 222
bundle of our nine puzzle games: Balls'R'Us, BallSweeper, Swap it!, Antz, Jammed, Smash It!, Rox, Baloons and Tutti Frutti at a very reasonable price!...
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 PDAPacMan Classic (Updated) May 4, 2004 220
PDAPacManBy PDA Advanced Ltda Pocket PC 2003 Supported!! Hot Download Pick The Best PacMan game. It's the most fabulous and real version of the PacMan game, which will allows you to experience the controlled emotion of the challenge of new levels with the best speed and sounds. Be awar...
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 Logic Pack for Pocket PCs Feb 25, 2004 206
Logic Pack includes four games of logic. Battleship Solitaire Codebreaker Flip Sweep Battleship Solitaire is a cross between Battleship and Picture Logic. Codebreaker is a version of Mastermind. Flip is similar to the game AllLights or Lights Off. And Sweep is a version of Minesweeper....
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 Pocket Bombs Feb 25, 2004 189
Pocket Bombs is a challenging puzzle game in which you must follow clues to locate hidden bombs, without detonating any. Features One player 2D and 3D boards with variable difficulty Hardware button support Integrated help Pause, Starting Hint, Multi-layer view in 3D Options/ Scores pe...
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