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 Cash Organizer 2001 for Pocket PC Feb 24, 2004 337
Cash Organizer 2000/ 2001 is a software for corporate and private finances managing, planning, prognosis and analysis. With Cash Organizer 2000 there is no need for desk computer software as Cash Organizer 2000 features all the financial saving, planning and analysis options. Auto-completion, Mu...
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 PDAGraphiX2 (Spanish Version) May 4, 2004 218
PDAGraphiX2 es un graficador poderoso, flexible y dinamico, el cual permite realizar facilmente graficos increibles con tan solo un click. PDAGraphiX2 permite graficar cualquier tabla desde Microsoft Pocket Excel, personalizar la informacion, ver estadisticas, llevarla a formato BMP, efectuar...
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 Money Tracker Standard Feb 24, 2004 215
The perfect tool to manage your personal finance and more. This program is a very useful tool designed to manage your money. The interface is very simple and friendly, you don't need to much time to learn how to use the program....
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 tApCalc Financial calculator with tape (Arm) Feb 24, 2004 211
tApCalc Finance is a handy financial calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Paper tape simulation has many advantages. You can start a calculation and continue adding new calculations till you have ent...
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 Sales 4 CE Feb 24, 2004 181
Sales 4 CE works on Pocket PC and enables you to enter orders for the products you offer. Important part of the application is management of your orders and present that information in your Pocket PC, clients and complete list of all products you offer. All the able information can be transferred t...
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 CurrencyPack Feb 24, 2004 131
Conversions between almost 300 currencies! Ability to convert from and to any currency in a couple of clicks. You can search currencies by symbol, name, or country. A list with your common conversions for usual and fast conversions and a complete one with all currencies. All rates are calculated u...
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