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 WebInventory Apr 4, 2004 114
WebInventory provides a quick, easy way for merchants to maintain their inventory listings on the Internet without help from a third party. WebInventory creates product summary and individual item webpages to describe inventory. Inventory is kept in a database and pages are generated each time inve...
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 Arclab MailMe!pro Apr 4, 2004 112
MailMe! Pro is a form mailer (executable - CGI) for Windows based webservers designed to send submissions from web page forms directly to your email account. It can be used as feedback form, user registration, survey, order form or anything else which needs to be sent to you. MailMe! Pro is easy ...
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 WAPT Sep 19, 2012 107
WAPT (Web APplication Testing) is Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing tool. WAPT uses a number of advanced techniques to simulate real live load conditions. If you want to simulate thousands of users, you do not need to specify separate behavior for each of them. HTTP requests can...
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 Outlook Menu Apr 4, 2004 100
Dress up your site by allowing users to navigate your site graphically via icons. This program is written using a mathmatical model, which means you can use any size icon or image. Move your mouse over one of the icons and a 3D box appears around the icon. Bring some interactivity into your site!...
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 AS HTML Tag Source Viewer Apr 4, 2004 94
If you want to study html on an example already of existing pages, this program for you. By simple action it is possible to look the source of any element of html page. Learn all secrets of Web design. If you've ever looked at a nifty object on a Web page and wondered how it was crafted, you'll li...
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 DigitalWeb Reminder Apr 4, 2004 90
The easiest way to write yourself reminders.Runs as systray icon.Allows you to show notifications with sound and visual alarms or flashing tray icon. Other features includes task manager, address book, notes and much more......
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 Servlet.Vote Apr 4, 2004 90
Servlet.Vote is a Java servlet for deploying polls and surveys on your web site. It provides a simple and fast way to poll users. It can be completely integrated with your site by using the original layout and style and without affect the look and feel of your site. Features Cross-platform (writte...
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 STS Outlook Agent Apr 4, 2004 89
If you develop web pages for a living, this tool is for you! Trace links throughout your site. Browse and edit files on the fly. And, if you're a ColdFusion developer the STS Web Crawler will make managing your pages a snap with lookups for cfincludes, cflocations, cfqueries, and even cfstoredp...
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 Imagine That Apr 4, 2004 86
Imagine That is a internet/ intranet web page authoring system. Designed for the intermediate user, Imagine That was built around a live browser. The web page displayed in the left window of the above screen shot is the actual web browser displaying the page. As you make changes to the page, the b...
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 Wheels On The Web Apr 4, 2004 85
Wheels On the Web is software that enables automobile dealerships (new and used) to create an entire Website that contains information on: New Vehicles Used Vehicles Dealership Information Directions Staff Salesperson of the month Financing/ Leasing information Specials Rare new mode...
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