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 Rapid PHP 2018 Apr 6, 2018 5241
Powerful and quick PHP editor. Rapid PHP Editor includes full-scale HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors. Now you can accomplish more with a single tool. Editor has an integration with PHP, HTML and CSS documentation. You can easy validate PHP code with Syntax Check. With Rapid PHP editor you can get ...
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 Mergemill Pro Sep 16, 2014 2872
Mergemill's rich set of tags gives you both creative freedom and precise control to create your desired results. Give a little thought and you can do a lot with the nestable IF and CASE tags, loop tags and system tags. The tags are straightforward to use. Each tag accepts no more than 6 easily...
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 Web2Pop Apr 3, 2004 1696
Web2Pop is JMA Software featured product. It is able to retrieve your web-based accounts messages to read them in your favorite e-mail client. Web2Pop has been selected by many shareware websites as "a must to have". Turn your web-based e-mail account into a full POP3 account without any setup. Use ...
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 webcamXP Apr 4, 2004 799
webcamXP is a utility that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer. The web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few configuration parameters such as server port and local directory... it also allows you to do much more like ...
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 CuteMAP Apr 4, 2004 565
Creating "hot" spots on your web site graphics has never been easier! Simply select the areas of the picture that you want "hot", and tell CuteMAP® where you want the link to point. CuteMAP automatically creates the image map for you. It's that easy! For hassle-free Web graphic navigation, downloa...
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 B3 Power Tabs! Apr 4, 2004 546
A "next generation" web authoring tool...
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 WSOP May 27, 2005 537
WSOP - Website Load Time Testing and Optimization is the performance testing program which tests your site automatically and does not require any special knowledge. WSOP supports custom testing scenarios, checks your site for errors and broken links, and can highlight problem elements through a bu...
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 Webcam Toolkit Dec 6, 2001 470
From the team that brought you the multi award winning Batch Zip Toolkit, comes WebCam Toolkit. WebCam Toolkit is a professional image capture software that allows you to create your own "live" images on your web page easier than ever before.. Even if you unfamiliar with HTML, WebCam Toolkit comes...
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 Active WebCam Pro Site license Apr 4, 2004 442
Active WebCam captures images up to 20 frames per second from any Video Camera or USB Camera and broadcasts them either from your computer or through any FTP server. Viewers can watch real video, not still images like other software does. All you need to broadcast is a Windows compatible camera or ...
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 ASPEdit 2000 Webedition Apr 4, 2004 401
ASPEdit? is a powerful Active Server Pages (ASP) and HTML editor designed for windows 95/ 98/ NT/ WIN2k and windows ME, it has full support for ASP, ASP+, vAsp, C#, Visual Basic Script, Perl, IHTML, Webtv, Cold-fusion, PHP3, MIVA , HDML, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, SQL, ASP, WAP/ WML and S...
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