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Name: Voice Changer Software AV VCS
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 7.0.62
Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/Vista
Size: 16.17 MB
Author: AVSoft Corp.
Published: Aug 28, 2015
Statistics: Voice Changer Software AV VCS
E-mail: See inside the software
Home Page: AVSoft Corp.
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Voice Changer Software AV VCS - description from Softdepia.com:

With AV Voice Changer Software though, you can create and the nickvoices, either male or female, that match your nicknames. Turn the chat rooms into the voice masquerades! More fun, more entertainment experiences. Feel free to download Voice Changer to your computer and try out this unique voice changer software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. AV Voice Changer Software is voice changer, and it's software!
Next-generation AV Voice Changer Software advanced technology itself can hook and change all such audio streams as: DirectX, Recording, and Playback. So AV Voice Changer Software allows you to change instantly the voice input from microphone, CD-ROM, Line-in or MP3, Wave and any media files played by a sound player.

Have you ever thought about how to spy on spouse or lovers? Now you can. Acquire new voices with AV Voice Changer Software to be totally anonymous, online and on phone.

Main Features of AV Voice Changer Software:

  • Change the voice output to any other's voice (male, female or opposite sex, baby, girl, boy, old man, old woman, robot... voice).
  • Change the voice of songs from CDs, MP3s or media files played by sound players.
  • Create nickvoices or use pre-created voices for any chat room as you like as :AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger (YIM), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Odigo, Trillian, and NetMeeting....
  • Change your voice through PC2Phone systems such as: Net2Phone, Dialpad, Go2Call, DeltaThree, MaxPhone...
  • Voice Changer Software supports DirectX to be compatible with most music files and online voice gamers.
  • Make the nickvoice effectively and flexibly compatible to each space or phenomena (ex: cave, hall, lightning, karaoke, ghosts, hoarse?).
  • Increase the quality of the changed voice: clearer, warmer, more gentle & attractive.
  • Record the changed voice output from Microphones, CD-ROMs or MP3 files.
  • Work in all Windows environments (Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP...).
  • Use easily in any standard Windows interface.
AV Voice Changer Software: a really powerful, perfect, and efficient application for entertainment purpose. Got tired of listening the same songs with same voices? Change the voices with your voice changer software, save the new songs, and why not make your own CD, a perfect gift for friends!
Sing your favorite karaoke songs with other voices than yours. That is fun!
Using the AV Voice Changer Software is nice and simple, it's a matter of how you should play with the buttons and sliders. Your main slider is voice Pitch Level. By setting the Pitch Levels from 50 to 200%, you can change voice to very deeper or very thinner, male or female, while Equalizer and Quality sliders help you to customize voice quality. Have you threatened other gamers with voice when you play online voice games? Voice Changer Software will help you to create terrible, strong or ghost voices to exhaust their spirits. With the support of DirectX, you now can apply voice changed by Voice Changer Software on voice games. Sing your favorite karaoke songs with other voices than yours. That is fun!
The new version of AV Voice Changer Software also comes with interchangeable skin designs including standard windows interface for easier use, plus more sexy and bold skins available for free download.

Voice Changer Software AV VCS - description from developer:

AV Voice Changer Software is useful for users who want to have a fun time online. They can use it to create exciting conversation environments while doing voice chat in instant messenger programs, or to make humorous fun voice chat/voice calls with PC-to-Phone applications, or to do song remixes to renew your favorite songs, etc.AV Voice Changer Software stands apart from other online or computer-based voice changing programs because of its unlimited ability to change and enhance voices and sounds, and its ability to produce high quality audio output. Outstanding features:In real time, change your voice to female or male for voice chat, phone, online games using the dual voice changer algorithms: Hooking and Virtual Audio Driver.Change voice's gender and age to have fun in voice chat with "quick" nickvoices.Create different human and non-human voices for dubbing.Morph songs and voices in songs.Create your own, high quality voice-overs for movie, radio, narration, and more. Live your life in games like Second Life easier with Game mode.Record voice chat, phone conversation, internet radio, streaming audio.Add audio and background effects while you talk and sound like you are somewhere else.Compare changed voice to another's voice for simulation purposes.Compatible with most instant messengers, PC to phone clients, game servers, and media players.New features:Superb voice changing algorithms.Game mode optimized for online games.Customized "quick" nickvoices.Non-human voices.New background effects.

Voice Changer Software AV VCS is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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