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 Icon Translator Mar 1, 2004 575
Convert all of your graphic files to icons! Icon cool allows you to create and convert. Convert your jpgs, gifs, and bmps to .ico format. Easy to use and user friendly. Simply load the image you wish to covert and press convert. The image will be saved in your current working directory as an icon....
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 Port Invader Mar 23, 2004 357
Port Invader is a multiple IP address scanner that can benefit network administrators to security professionals. Port Invader takes a range or list of IP Numbers and scans ports that you specify. Port Invader lists all open ports on any given IP Address with an affordable price ($19.95). This tool w...
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 System Recon Mar 24, 2004 152
Scan your PC to see if anyone has accessed adult web sites or files. System Scan generates a listing of all visited sites that may contain adult material. In addition System Scan browses through file contents on any hard drive you have seeking out adult files. System Scan allows you to setup your ow...
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 Lectuer Mar 3, 2004 91
Lectuer is a great tool for improving your Reading Speed. Learn how to speed read easily and efficently without the hassle of creating flash cards or other means. How fast can you read? Most people read very slowly around 200-300 Words Per Minute. Find out for free and take the free reading test: ...
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 Source Encryption Jan 31, 2004 91
Encrypt your HTML Source code and prevent users from stealing it! HTML Encryption allows you to secure your HTML code from people who would otherwise steal it from you. Any browser that supports Javascript will be able to read your source code. Features include: HTML Encryption HTML Decryption (r...
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 Universal Submitter Feb 1, 2004 75
What is Universal Submitter (Web Site Promotion Software) Universal Submitter is an automated submission program. It takes a list of FFAs and Search Engines and adds your site to each one, one by one. The program actually simulates the exact same commands you would use to enter every website one at...
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 Universal Reader Mar 16, 2004 66
Learn how to speed read by using our software to read all of your emails, web pages, newsgroups and anything else on the computer....
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 Universal Submitter (Submission Made Simple) Apr 3, 2004 57
Submit your website to more than 18500 FFAs and Search Engines. Universal Submitter is a promotional tool that allows you to be lazy and let the software do the work for you. Features include: Deep Spider - Search through your entire website and retrieve all meta tags - Create hundreds of profiles...
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