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 Advanced wordlist Mar 22, 2004 9751
Advanced wordlist is a huge set of words in a text file - one word per line. Now it contains exactly 2'846'124 commonly used words of most world languages. Who can use it: system supervisors to check security level of their systems. users, who happend to forget their passwords for any kind of encr...
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 LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6.0 Mar 9, 2004 9549
LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6 is a self-paced comprehensive overview of the latest version of the Visual Basic programming language and environment. The ten week course covers the toolbox in detail, building and distributing applications (using the Package & Deployment Wizard), error handling, file access...
LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6.0 download   LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6.0 free download Buy now for $19.95   Buy LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6.0 now
 Bejewled Feb 18, 2004 9471
Bejeweled is a fast paced gem-matching puzzler that will keep you coming back again and again. Bejeweld has been enjoyed over 12 million times online and is now available for Windows, enhanced, improved and better than ever! Play a super-charged new version of Bejewled game. You asked for it, an...
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 Koala Player XP Mar 28, 2012 9430
Koala Player XP is windows application that offers fast and high quality playback of movie files with subtitles. Koala Player XP software is based not on the Windows Media Player but on the DirectShow core that results in fine quality and performance. This product has been sufficiently improved sinc...
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 CuteFTP Jun 2, 2010 9426
CuteFTP is a file transfer application that's easy for beginners to use and has enough features to be useful to power users as well. From simple file transfers to Web site management, this client does just about anything. It uses drag and drop, bookmarks, automatic renaming, and download re...
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 Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (standard) Jan 19, 2004 9391
Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (or AO2000PR for short) is a program to recover the lost or forgotten passwords to the files/ documents created in the following applications: Microsoft Word password to open password to modify document protection password VBA project password * Micro...
Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (standard) download   Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (standard) free download Buy now for $120.00   Buy Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (standard) now
 miniPCTV Feb 17, 2006 9129
MiniPCTV is a new extremely popular breath-taking TV viewer and Video encoder, developed for TV watching or video recording on any PC. It's the best price-quality combination! Install this markworthy software and enjoy watching your favourite TV programs on your desktop or laptop. MiniPCTV works wi...
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 Ultimate Paint Feb 8, 2006 8546
Ultimate Paint is a fully functional graphics program for image viewing, creation, manipulation and retouching of any images. The software offers a wide range of remarkable features and capabilities that make Ultimate Paint a supreme graphic-creation tool! Paint your own picture with Ultimate Pain...
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 Popup Ad Filter Feb 17, 2006 8466
Tired of annoying pop-up windows on your screen when you are exploring the Web? Get rid of this computer hell! There are lots of programs blocking pop-up ads. But take closer view at Popup Ad Filter by Meaya Software! Popup Ad Filter is a simple-to-use, computer- and user- friendly popup blocking s...
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 Bubblets Feb 17, 2006 8257
Oopdreams Software released Bubblets for pocket PC- one of those colourful and active arcade games that are often characterized as "highly addictive" and "absorbing".Bubblets looks nice and pretty both in color and in monochrome. It has several animations and great attention is paid to the way the g...
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