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 Midi Maker Apr 6, 2007 12925
Midi Maker is a complete bundle for constructing music files in the popular Midi format. The large array of available features and extreme ease of use will make building scores in the compact midi format a small task for anyone of any skill level. Add this gem to your collection of composition softw...
Midi Maker download   Midi Maker free download Buy now for $19.95   Buy Midi Maker now
 FileSync Feb 17, 2006 12890
FileSync is extremely easy to use file/ folder synchronisation utility and is the most complete solution for keeping your desktop and your notebook computer up-to-date and in sync. FileSync supports long file names, handles nested subdirectories, and allows you to specify file types to compare and...
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 XP Icons Feb 10, 2006 12623
Fed up with old boring Windows icons? Want new attractive ones? Then this new extremely popular software is just what the doctor ordered! Camtech 2000 released XP Icons software - a huge icon collection! Trim your Win98/ Me/ Win2000 System with new XP-style icons! Change your Start menu, Desktop, ...
XP Icons download   XP Icons free download Buy now for $19.95   Buy XP Icons now
 Alien Shooter - The Experiment Sep 22, 2004 12444
Welcome to Alien Shooter - The Experiment (addon for original game) ordering page! In this part, you will find: - 5 new missions - new music tracks - new type of monsters - monster boss - new objects - level difficulty Payment information safety is ensured by RegNow - one of the most reliable s...
Alien Shooter - The Experiment download   Alien Shooter - The Experiment free download Buy now for $14.95   Buy Alien Shooter - The Experiment now
 Dynomite game Jul 1, 2008 11989
Dynomite game is very simple. The game uses dinosaur eggs catapulted by a slingshot. Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This new PC game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone. Dynomite game will have you blasting your way to your computer to play aga...
Dynomite game download   Dynomite game free download Buy now for $19.95   Buy Dynomite game now
 Twins Stream Ripper Feb 17, 2006 11699
Are you tired of surfing the Web looking for your favourite songs and broadcastings? Now downloading music becomes incredibly easy! Twins Stream Ripper is the software you need! With Twins Stream Ripper software you gain access to more than 4700 free ShoutCast radio stations. Simply connect to your ...
Twins Stream Ripper download   Twins Stream Ripper free download Buy now for $15.00   Buy Twins Stream Ripper now
 GIANT AntiSpyware Sep 21, 2004 11451
ThereA?s a GIANT difference between everyday anti-spyware programs and GIANT AntiSpyware. Not only does GIANT AntiSpyware search and destroy all existing spyware on your computer, itA?s the only product on the market that instantly alerts you when potential dangers arise, stopping most spyware bef...
GIANT AntiSpyware download   GIANT AntiSpyware free download Buy now for $29.95   Buy GIANT AntiSpyware now
 Bubblet (PC) Feb 8, 2004 10907
Bubblet is an easy but fascinating logic game. Match as many bubbles as possible in one color in order to burst them. The more bubbles aligned together, the more points you get. Choose between four different styles of gameplay....
Bubblet (PC) download   Bubblet (PC) free download Buy now for $15.00   Buy Bubblet (PC) now
 Virtual Fruit Machine Feb 16, 2004 10822
Virtual Fruit Machine is an in-house, Legion Software production. A feature packed, top quality slot machine simulation. It features all the gameplay of a standard slot machine, whilst incorporating the fun and variation of a UK fruit machine. All the standard fruit/ slot machine gameplay feature...
Virtual Fruit Machine download   Virtual Fruit Machine free download Buy now for $8.00   Buy Virtual Fruit Machine now
 Snooker147 & Poolster Feb 23, 2004 10664
For maximum Value, Snooker147 and Poolster are now sold as ONE product. Combining accurate and realistic physics with unrivalled gameplay, Snooker147 is the ultimate top-down Snooker simulation for Win95/ NT (Poolster is its sibling Pool simulation). In addition to fantastic graphics and realistic...
Snooker147 & Poolster download   Snooker147 & Poolster free download Buy now for $8.00   Buy Snooker147 & Poolster now
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