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 East-Tec Eraser 2004 Jun 28, 2004 156
East-Tec Eraser 2004 ("Eraser" in short) is an advanced security application for Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP designed to help you completely eliminate sensitive data from your computer and protect your computer and Internet privacy. Eraser introduces a new meaning for the verb TO ERASE. Erasing...
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 NScan version Mar 23, 2004 152
NScan is one of the most fast and flexible portscanners for Windows, that is designed for scanning large networks and gathering related network/ host information. In fact, it's not just a portscanner, but a kit for testing network security and reliability, that can solve numerous problems on you...
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 Desktop Atomic Clock Mar 23, 2004 149
Desktop Atomic Clock is a powerful program that synchronizes clock of your computer via Internet. Desktop Atomic Clock uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic Clock servers. It can also be used as small desktop clock. Desktop Atomic Clock has user-friendly interface and man...
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 Internet Researcher Mar 24, 2004 149
Internet Researcher is a more powerful version of Offline Commander. All information on this site pertaining to Offline Commander is applicable to Internet Researcher as well....
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 Extreme Messenger for AIM Mar 23, 2004 149
Extreme Messenger is a powerful tool for enhancing the basic AOL Instant Messenger interface. For starters, It compiles your IM and chat windows into one easy, feature-packed interface, but that's only the beginning! Extreme Messenger hides the annoying ads on the AIM buddy list, automatically...
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 What are you doing? Mar 24, 2004 148
What are you doing?" is a Windows application used on a network environment (LAN). You can watch your client's activity and control them remotely. Even if you have no special knowledge about Network, you can use it as soon as you install. The controller program detects the client computers automati...
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 System Recon Mar 24, 2004 148
Scan your PC to see if anyone has accessed adult web sites or files. System Scan generates a listing of all visited sites that may contain adult material. In addition System Scan browses through file contents on any hard drive you have seeking out adult files. System Scan allows you to setup your ow...
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 Server 2000 Mar 23, 2004 144
Server 2000 is a unique utility. When I used to find Wingate and Proxy servers, I always logged them in a text file. However, it soon became clear these servers opened and closed all the time. This left me with a list of servers of which only a few still worked. The only option I had was to try to...
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 Extreme IMs for AOL Mar 24, 2004 143
Extreme IMs - Give your AOL IMs some power and personality! Check out what Extreme IMs can do for you... Instant Message Skins! Choose a background image or color for your AOL IMs. Extreme IMs comes loaded with 35+ excellent skins, but you can use any image on your computer! (screenshot) IM Loggi...
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 CyberClean Mar 23, 2004 142
CyberClean quickly and efficiently erases Internet debris from your computer's hard drive, freeing additional hard drive space and erasing evidence of your Internet surfing. In addition to providing the option of removing cookies, history files, bookmarks and cache files, the program also remove...
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