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 Internet Tweak Gold Special Mar 23, 2004 359
Internet Tweak 2002 is a special utility designed to configure and personalize Internet secret settings in Windows Me/ 98/ 95/ 2000/ XP. Some of its features: optimize your Internet connection's performance, access a lot of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Netscape Communicator secret sett...
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 SpyAnywhere Mar 23, 2004 354
Ever need to remotely control or monitor your PC from a distance? Now you can with SpyAnywhere! Check out SpyAnywhere's amazing capabilities... Surveillance real-time keystroke viewing real-time desktop viewing view running applications view open windows view open internet ports...
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 Port Invader Mar 23, 2004 353
Port Invader is a multiple IP address scanner that can benefit network administrators to security professionals. Port Invader takes a range or list of IP Numbers and scans ports that you specify. Port Invader lists all open ports on any given IP Address with an affordable price ($19.95). This tool w...
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 NetCaptor Pro Mar 23, 2004 352
Many users have asked -- what kind of application is NetCaptor? Is it a browser addon, a plug-in? What is it? Here's the answer. NetCaptor can best be described as a custom browser application. NetCaptor is a standalone application that uses services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer to rende...
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 Babylon-PRO Mar 24, 2004 349
Information at a single click, whenever and wherever you require it, whether online or offline, without having to interrupt your workflow. Instant translations from Babylon's proprietary and numerous user-created language dictionaries, enabling quick and easy international communication. Correct...
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 Just Right Click Scrap Books for Internet Explorer Mar 24, 2004 347
Scrap Book for Internet Explorer A small utility with seamless integration into Internet Explorer allowing you to right click on selected text and save to a scrap book. Just Right Click Scrap Books allows you to create any number of new scrap books and view them with an enhanced notepad utility tha...
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 IPsearch Mar 23, 2004 327
IPsearch lets you search the Internet's IP address space - give it a starting IP address and it sequentially searches for HTTP ports and reports summary HTML content. IPSearch can also do a complete Whois function and can convert domain names to IP addresses. Results can be saved and printed. IPSear...
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 NetSend - NSend Mar 23, 2004 311
NSend - Graphical User Interface for Net Send. Allows you to AutoReply, Automatically add Signature, Send message to a group, Address Book, Save Incoming and Outgoing messages, System Tray and Drag-and-Drop functionality. You can choose to Trap/ PopUp incoming messages. Reply and Resend functio...
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 NetScanTools Mar 23, 2004 307
NetScanTools? Standard Edition 5.x is a collection of common and specialized internet utilities. Many of NetScanTools functions, such as Ping, Traceroute, and NSLOOKUP are very familiar to network professionals. The advantage they have over their command line counterparts is in the presentation a...
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 CNSearch Jan 10, 2007 303
CNSearch search system works under Windows and Unix servers. If your server uses third party hosting, all you need for installation is access to '/ cgi-bin'. The system is composed of two parts - an indexer and a frontend. The indexer can analyse one or several web-sites according to the ...
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