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 Ring Catcher Mar 23, 2004 139
What is Ring Catcher? Ring Catcher is an easy-to-use application that you can use to activate any selected program on your remote computer by simply dialing up the phone number with the call not being answered. How does it work? First you have to select a program that will be activated by Ring Catch...
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 ProxyInspector for WinRoute Mar 23, 2004 137
ProxyInspector for WinRoute is a cost-effective solution for analysis of your corporate Internet connection usage. It works with popular WinRoute firewall to retrieve from its HTTP proxy and mail server log-files comprehensive information about you employees' behavior on the Internet. It will provid...
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 NetClean Mar 24, 2004 137
NetClean is a simple utility designed to remove unwanted internet files, such as cookies, and also clear the history of your activities on a computer. You can use NetClean to keep your activities private from others as well as recover valuable hard disk space. Best of all, NetClean will work with...
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 Windows 95/98/ME TCP/UDP Capture Program Mar 24, 2004 136
Captures TCP/ UDP Protocol messages for analysis of network traffic by hooking into the MSTCP stack. Data is displayed in both ASCII and HEX and can be saved to disk. Filtering of messages is done at the device driver level and includes Protocol, Port and Data filters. Filters can be "inclusive" ...
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 BeFaster Lite v1.2 Mar 24, 2004 135
BeFaster Lite is a multi-language internet speed up toolkit with some powerful tools. It is light version of BeFaster. It supports AOL, Symantec PcAnyWhere, IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirecPc and Cable/ DSL running PPPoE. You can configure settings automati...
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 DigitalWeb Ras+ Dialer 2001 Mar 24, 2004 129
Enhances the Windows dialup networking. Full Cost management support. Support for multiple providers. Multiple phone numbers for each provider. Scheduling session, Auto disconnect. Autoredial when connection is dropped suddenly. Comprehensive warning system. Periodic Mailbox Scanning. Runs as a han...
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 IPexpress - UPGRADE to Multi Computer Version Mar 23, 2004 129
IPexpress is a new software utility that considerably improve your Internet speed, the perfect companion for SpeedConnect, although it works also as a stand-alone application. IPexpress will eliminate the time consuming DNS lookup for getting the IP addresses for frequently accessed servers. Also,...
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 MBS NetSaver Mar 23, 2004 128
MBS NetSaver is a fully functional online Internet timer for Windows 95/ 98/ NT4/ 2000. It automatically monitors each and every connection to your ISP, calculates and displays the length of time and the cost of each session as the session is in progress. A comprehensive range of fixed, flat and v...
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 Atom Timer Mar 24, 2004 126
This enhanced alarm clock offers two fantastic features. First, it is atomic clock software, which means it updates your computer's system clock using the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic time servers (NIST server). You can synchronize your system clock with these atomic time ...
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 Hot Lingo 2.1 Mar 23, 2004 124
Hot Lingo delivers form and applet spell checking directly to Microsoft® Internet Explorer (5.0 or higher). Features: Hot Lingo features a 75, 000 word English dictionary, comprised of both American and British variants. Version 2.0 is even more user-configurable: including a customizable user dict...
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