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 Popup Ad Filter Feb 17, 2006 8447
Tired of annoying pop-up windows on your screen when you are exploring the Web? Get rid of this computer hell! There are lots of programs blocking pop-up ads. But take closer view at Popup Ad Filter by Meaya Software! Popup Ad Filter is a simple-to-use, computer- and user- friendly popup blocking s...
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 Internet Maniac Mar 23, 2004 7614
This program includes a whole bunch of network utilities. It was written in C using win32 API. It calls winsock.dll directly and does not use any third party custom control or dll. I wanted this application to be small and fast. It is a freeware program....
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 Popup Killer and Ad Stopper Mar 23, 2004 6159
Popup Killer and Ad Stopper is a compact and efficent plug-in of Internet Explorer. It has the following features: Block the annoying popup ad/ ads windows; Block Messenger Spam (which is getting popular today); Block Macromedia Flash; BOSS KEY to minimize/ close all IE windows within 1 second;...
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 Advanced Host Monitor Oct 18, 2018 6030
Advanced Host Monitor is a system management tool that continuously monitors servers availability and performance. This remarkable software uses up to 56 test methods - monitors TCP service, pings a host, retrieves an URL, checks the disk space available, checks the integrity of your files and w...
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 Extreme Picture Finder Mar 23, 2004 4126
Extreme Picture Finder is a handy tool for downloading pictures from Web galleries. Just choose your favorite picture category and click the Start button. It will search the Web for galleries and bring you only pictures you want to see. No banners, no dead links, no single images, only galleries....
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 KillPopup Mar 23, 2004 3404
KillPopup is a utility that automatically closes those anoying advertisement windows that some sites use. It is a small executable that runs in the task bar. When a popup window attempts to display, Killpopup quickly closes the window, often before it even becomes visible to the user. Right-clicki...
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 CT AutoClick Mar 23, 2004 3116
There are many 'Get paid while you surf' programs and CT AutoClick will surf them for you automatically making money while you're away from your computer. With any of them you have to actually surf pages, move the mouse or have keyboard activity every minute or two. CT AutoClick moves the Mouse i...
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 Net Time Server & Client Jan 4, 2018 2915
Net Time Server & Client is a great new time synchronization application with plenty of wonderful features! With this software you will be able to synchronize your PC's system clock or all PC's system clock in your LAN using various time server types commonly available on TCP/ IP networks....
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 Tardis 2000 Mar 23, 2004 2906
Tardis 2000 is a shareware utility for Windows that makes sure your PC?s clock tells the right time. Tardis 2000 can use different types of servers to set the time, including SNTP, Time/ UDP, Time/ TCP, Proxy servers and NTP broadcasts. Tardis can be set to synchronize at a pre-set number of min...
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 Alchemy Network Inventory Apr 9, 2012 2554
Alchemy Network Inventory is an inventory tool for auditing software and hardware components installed on the network computers. This asset management tool will collect your network inventory information, provide the Network Administrator with detailed comprehensive reports and allow him to export ...
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