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 Mercedes-Benz 230E 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 693
Cars of this family, which have a designation W124 according to the internal indexing, quickly won popularity by their well-balanced design and safety and high quality of manufacturing which were traditional for the Stuttgart firm. Its designing began in 1977, and presentation and selling - in 19...
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 Ferrari F50 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 592
Contrary to the model F40, which celebrated its forties anniversary in 1987, F50 was developed without Enzo Ferrari's participation. Traditionally, this car should have appeared by the fiftieth anniversary of the firm in 1997, but in March, 1995 it was already presented at the Geneva car exhibi...
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 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 520
Did Ferdinand Porsche Junior, known as Ferry, who developed model 911, know that he created a car unprecedented in the world practice? It is well-known as elegant, high-speed, original, prestigious... This car has been in the market for almost 35 years. We know the cases, when a car was produ...
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 AC Cobra 427 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 423
AC Cobra 427 is one of the most successful creations of Shelby Caroll, a well-known American racer and a businessman. Being an expert in sports automobiles tuning, back in 1965 he noticed model 427 of a small English firm, AC. After operational development, to which this simple and reliable spor...
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 Star Trek: Ships 3 Mar 16, 2004 392
More incredibly rendered 3D images from the same talented crew of Star Trek artists who brought us "3D Ships 2". The Delta Flyer, the Klingon Vorcha and the Enterprise D highlight this super sharp pack. 18 images....
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 Lamborghini Countach 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 379
This automobile, which does not look old-fashioned even today, was designed by Gianpaolo Dallara in 1971! Design of the body was done by a famous Italian Maestro Nuccio Bertone. Countach's debut took place in the spring of the same year in the Geneva car exhibition. In 1972 Ferrucio Lamborghini be...
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 Ford GT40 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 367
The cars of this type were produced for races of the sports prototypes. The appearance of the cars for common use became possible because according to the rules of the competitions only those models, which were produced by a series, not less than a certain minimum, could take part in the exhibiti...
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 Coral Reef Fish Mar 16, 2004 327
Imagine yourself snorkeling in a Caribbean or Australian Coral Reef, immersing yourself in the striking beauty that surrounds you. You're awash in the most resplendent fish and coral in the world: angelfish, clownfish, anemonefish and trumpetfish. The Oriental Sweetlips looks so real, you'd swea...
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 Chevrolet Corvette 3D MODEL Nov 19, 2002 298
Probably, it will be difficult for the drivers of today who are already familiar with the fifth generation of this car, to recognize some familiar features in the predecessor, which we present here. The thing is that it has none. The first car of the family was not technically perfect. The model ...
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 Theme Creator Gold Nov 19, 2002 289
Theme Creator Gold is a powerful theme creation utility. It not only makes theme creation fast and simple, but also contains added features to help you manage your themes. You can instantly compress all the files your theme needs to a single Zip file. You can load themes which you have made previou...
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