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 Supervoice Pro Apr 29, 2006 14641
Today?s business world is drowning in messages and streams of information. To make matters worse, they are diffused in different locations. These difficulties hamper the communication both internal- with employees, and external- with business clients. SuperVoice Pro is the software solution consol...
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 WinDoctor Toolkit 2 Apr 6, 2007 14603
WinDoctor Toolkit 2 is a complex solution to meet almost all your requirements! The utility contains 4 powerful tools: ZapVision is a perfect video editing suite, QuickMP3 is MP3 managing tool, UltraView is an advanced file viewer, and WinSurgeon is registry utility. ZapVision is a feature-rich ...
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 HexEdit Feb 8, 2006 13598
HexEdit is an excellent software with a great set of both common and advanced features, among them are fast search/ replace/ compare, bookmarks, color schemes, CRCs, INS/ OVR modes, window tabs, easy font/ size selection, mouse-wheel support, drag and drop, print selection, margin/ line-s...
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 SQLExec Aug 12, 2003 13245
SQLExec is a generic ODBC database tool with the following features: Databases, Tables, Fields displayed in a tree format Color-coded SQL syntax editor with user-definable keywords Context-sensitive SQL code generation for common tasks SQL Command history log maintained between sessions by Connect...
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 TweakXP Feb 29, 2004 13030
Do you want your WindowXP to run faster and more stable? If you do, you NEED TweakXP from SkelaXin software. You can now: - Optimize I/ O Page Lock Limit - Disable NT Executive Paging - Disable 8.3 Filename creation - Disable NTFS Last Access Update - Enable UDMA66 on Intel Chipsets - E...
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 Sounding Keyboard and Mouse Nov 14, 2018 8020
Sounding Keyboard and Mouse - the tool that lets you hear different sound when you press keys or click mouse. With this tool, you can specify wave file and midi note to every key on keyboard or mouse buttons. When these keys are being pressed or released, the wave/ MIDI will be played. Diffirent ...
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 EF Process Manager Sep 27, 2018 7269
EF Process Manager is a Windows program that shows you comprehensive information about which modules processes have opened or loaded, register/ unregister modules to registry database, show the environment variables or the Windows error codes, make operations like kill process and much more... Mul...
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 Paragon Partition Manager Jan 22, 2004 6012
Resize, convert partitions. FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, Linux are supported. Partition Manager from Paragon provides easy and safe partitioning functions to even non-professional users. With Partition Manager you can reclaim wasted disk space, organize your data, add new operating systems, spee...
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 Mass Renamer Jan 22, 2004 5049
Mass Renamer is a utility that allows the user to rename multiple files throughout multiple drives and multiple directories, quickly and easily. MR includes a very simple easy to use Graphical User Interface meaning even the most novice of users can use it....
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 RegBin Jan 22, 2004 4315
RegBin is a registry comparison tool designed to accurately compare two registries and report all registry keys that have been added, removed, modified, or unchanged. It displays these differences in an easy to view grid format with the option to filter out unwanted data and print out a report of...
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