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 Internet Maniac Mar 23, 2004 7625
This program includes a whole bunch of network utilities. It was written in C using win32 API. It calls winsock.dll directly and does not use any third party custom control or dll. I wanted this application to be small and fast. It is a freeware program....
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 Network Spy Mar 22, 2004 241
Network Spy is a general purpose diagnostic tool for administrators, programmers and students of network technologies. It can operate in different modes depending on the application. Some of the more typical applications of this tool include: Packet capture and decode Network Statistics gathering...
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 Network Spy Site License Jan 13, 2004 127
An ethernet packet capture program. It allows to you decode and analyze IP packets on your LAN. It also lets you measure network load, resolve IP conflicts and build an ARP table. New features include remote capture and filter-by-IP. This program is lightweight and displays captured frames in realt...
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