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 HandHeld Slay Mar 27, 2003 83
Slay is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided up between the six players, and you must try to capture your enemies' land and link up your own territories to create larger and stronger ones. You begin capturing land by attacking with your peasant...
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 Stone%27s Throw Feb 24, 2004 82
Stone's Throw v1.11 is a collection of three challenging Windows 95 dice games with 3D rendered graphics, an intuitive interface, realistic sound effects and your choice of music. Play these compelling board games, set in a medieval castle, against three levels of computer player (Apprentice, M...
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 Dropshot Sep 11, 2004 71
Who said there would be no winners in a nuclear war? You can prove the opposite! You will have to build your own empire amid a total war, chaos and ruins. Enemy troops will be attacking your islands. Your enemy will use high-precision, chemical and even nuclear weapon. But do not surrender. Brac...
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 Hamete and overplay Feb 24, 2004 70
"Hamete and overplay" will tell you how to deal with the hametes and overplays. If your opponent plays hamete or overplay, foil his attempts and punish him....
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 Paraben%27s Reversum Feb 24, 2004 70
Paraben's Reversum is an eye-catching version of the challenging game known as othello or reversi. The object of the game is to turn as many of the opponent's tiles over as you can. Play against the computer, another person, or over the Internet. Save & load games, view graphs & instant replays o...
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 SumZero 1.0 (Windows) Mar 27, 2003 69
SumZero is a strategy game that will help you to develop your logic and mathematical abilities, is educative, amused and can be used by people of different ages...
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 Realms of Magic Aug 9, 2004 69
Realms of Magic is a fantasy based card game, like Magic: The Gathering, in which the goal is to destroy your opponent's castle before he destroys you. It has hundreds of fantasy units, heroes, items and spells to assist you in overcoming your enemies in strategic and tactical warfare. Realms...
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 SpaceMenace Feb 24, 2004 67
Space fleets of two civilizations encountered in this game board. The rules are similar to traditional Battleship strategy, but here enemies can manoeuvre during the battle. Moreover you can deduce positions of alien ships by where the shots originated from....
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 Astack Feb 24, 2004 65
The object of the game is to arrange similar figures into trains by sorting them from random sequence. There are several sorting ways and one special buffer. This buffer is connected only with one way. Moving figures from one way to buffer and from buffer to another way you should make up seven simi...
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 Puzzler Nov 19, 2002 62
Puzzler is an interactive chess puzzle program that lets you solve, play or build chess puzzles. Some of the sample puzzles included involve, playing for advantage, solving for mate, recreating a particular opening or finding the best move. Puzzler will sharpen your chess game whether you play...
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