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 LogoSwitch Mar 16, 2004 460
LogoSwitch is a utility to handle the Windows9x startup and shutdown screens. Automatically convert (even multiple) images (jpg or bmp) into logos by just one mouse click. Replace your logos. Randomize your logos at every Windows startup....
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 Logo Changer Mar 16, 2004 277
Allows users to change all three of the Windows logos with just a view clicks. Displays the current logos and checks the replacement for compatability...
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 LogoSwitch - ZIP Mar 16, 2004 236
Create, Replace and Randomize the startup/ shutdown screens of Windows95/ 98....
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 CDROM BOSS Mar 16, 2004 172
CDRom Boss is controller of musical disks that allows you work with your music cd disks more friendly. You can use hot keys or tray icon to eject and close the CDRom door, stop and play music disks, contol current disk track. 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'Up' to eject the CDRom door, 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'Down' to close...
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 GoScreen Mar 16, 2004 165
Helps you better organize your computer monitor screen by creating up to 40 virtual pages on it. It adds another dimension to your Windows taskbar. Now you can group your applications by themes and avoid an overcrowded desktop. When you switch pages, all your running Windows programs just disappear...
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 CLR Script Apr 29, 2004 136
Automate your common Windows tasks by writing script programs. Using a C-like language, powerful script programs can be written. There are many built-in functions to use or you can write your own custom functions. You can even automate Internet Explorer browsing by navigating to urls, clicki...
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 Twinkle Bulbs Aug 12, 2004 101
Flashing colorful holiday lights for your Windows desktop. String flashing lights on/ around your desktop to flash in the background while you work. Plays music, changes desktop wallpaper and more! Change bulb sets and flashing mode, configure the built-in screen saver to show falling snow in...
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