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 Golf Master Net Feb 23, 2004 92
Golf Master Net is designed for Tournament Scorekeepers, League Managers and Individual Golfers. The program may be used for organizing and scoring tournaments of all sizes and also supports an unlimited number of leagues and seasonal tournaments. Communication is facilitated with (FTP) file transf...
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 protoPowers Feb 23, 2004 86
Start with elemental powers, combine them to build more and more powerful figures, while carefully positioning all your pieces. Gradually advance and strengthen your control over the territory... and finally, capture opponent's golden rings. Play against the computer or another player. Play over...
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 DraftPak edit Feb 23, 2004 83
With DraftPak edit you can use an existing DraftPak or create your own. For a sneak preview of the DraftPak files being supplied SlashWare go here. DraftPak edit will replace the rookies created by FBPro with the players from a DraftPak quickly and easily....
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 FPSGM Commissioner Feb 23, 2004 78
Allows you to sign and bid on unrestricted, restricted, franchise and transition free agents. Sign Players to multi-year deals with signing bonuses. Includes a redistributable module to send to league owners to submit and handle bids via email. Full H TML/ TXT output for salaries and free agents, ...
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 FBPots Aug 20, 2002 74
FBPots can be used to hide player?s potential ratings or generate false potential ratings that a NFL scout may predict for a player. The younger a player is the harder it is to predict his future growth of a player so a younger player?s pot will not be as accurate as a seasoned veteran. Designed to ...
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 Tee-Time II Feb 23, 2004 74
Tee time reservations system for two courses or front and back nines individually. Entry may be made by an operator and with optional network-ready, members and operators may enter their own times simultaneously on networked or connected computers. Restricted days/ times for up to 6 classes of pl...
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 PREVIEW Feb 23, 2004 71
Scans you games and writes a preview in HTML/ TXT that includes offensive, defensive and scoring rankings, along with player matchups that will be key in the game. Gives optional predictions based on the teams power....
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 ANALYZER PRO Feb 23, 2004 70
Includes Records, Drive reports, Player write ups, Player of the game, Scouting reports, Full career and play stats plus much much more.*See the demo on the FPS Football 98 cd in the EXTRAS\POWELL directory.*...
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 FPSFEDIT Mar 26, 2003 69
Allows complete control of player ratings, age, position, injuries and potentials. Edits players globally by position, team, free agents, or rookies. Can add free agents or rookies to the pool. Edit the draft order, and edit/ add league champions, as w ell as all league and team rules, setu...
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 Logger Feb 23, 2004 68
Logger is the most complete, feature-filled log reader ever developed. Save a database of your team Down and distance charts Export to MS Excel Export games charts to .html for league viewing Statistical breakouts, by play, player, down, situation, etc. See who was targeted on 2nd and lo...
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