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 VirNETas Regional Settings Changer Nov 19, 2002 6026
VirNETas Regional Settings Changer 95/ 98 helps you work with multiple languages under Windows 95/ 98 and allows you to: Work with multiple keyboard layouts for different scripts (encoding). Use advanced keyboard layouts. Easily switch between different languages. It is easy to install and use, and...
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 RapidKey Autotext Oct 1, 2015 2687
RapidKey Autotext improves your Windows OS and adds more functionality and features to it. Install RapidKey Autotext software and you will be able to use autotexts, macros, fast macro, desktop shortcuts and favorite folders in all your Windows applications! Autotext allows you to store the text y...
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 Talisman Feb 17, 2006 2290
Talisman Desktop is a desktop alternative and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. This $25 program lets users design their own desktops and interface or choose from hundreds of downloadable themes, which work both atop and as complete replacements for the Windows shell. The power of...
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 Virtual Desktops Mar 15, 2004 1529
The program "Virtual Desktops" allows create and be switched between 12 desktops in which their own applications have uncared. The mode of the dragging and dropping of the application between the desktops is supported....
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 3d Animated Wallpaper Mar 15, 2004 1067
3d Animated Wallpaper is an application that places special animations, screen savers and media files directly on the desktop. Unlike typical desktop wallpaper, which is just an image in the background, this application allows full-fledged Direct3D animations, most screen savers, and media fil...
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 LCARS Terminal Mar 15, 2004 830
Emulate the famous LCARS terminals and computerscreens known from the various Star Trek starships. Start programs with only one click, suft the Internet, switch tasks, control your appointments, replace your control-panel, audio mixer and many more features....
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 EasySoft CD Menu-Generator v3.02 Mar 15, 2004 753
EasySoft CD Menu-Generator has been totally rewritten. It features much more options to the developer, such as: Now multi-lingual - Included languages is Dutch, Croatic, English & Dansih. If your language is not listed, go to Translater Page for more information. New program - EasySoft CD Menu-D...
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 Virtual Drives Nov 19, 2002 406
Virtual Drives is a very simple utility that sits within system tray . Its function is to create a virtual drive from any folder on your computer (folders on network drive & on other virtual drives can not be converted to virtual drives). Virtual Drives interface is only a small menu which pops up w...
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 World Clock Apr 28, 2004 390
The program displays times in various cities around the world. There are two displays that can be used for this purpose, the World Time window and the Time Zones window. Both windows are user configurable for content and format. The World Time window is limited to displaying information for four ci...
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 Thematic Chroma Mar 15, 2004 387
Chroma is an advanced windows theming and user-interface engine; it allows you to completely customize the "look and feel" of your Microsoft Windows (95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000) environment. Using Chroma, you can replace Windows' drab and rectangular controls with colorful, stylish images....
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