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 TelnetXQ Server Jan 28, 2004 116
TelnetXQ is a full featured enterprise level Telnet server. Features include custom key mapping, IP screening, support for reverse video, support for colours, optional NT integrated authentication, concurrent logons, access logging, real-time session shadowing, configurable ports, configura...
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 LocalWEB2000 Professional Oct 29, 2003 115
LocalWEB2000 Professional Edition has all the power and features of LocalWEB2000 Standard, plus more! Built into Professional is a Telnet server (knows as Remote Admin Server, or RAS for short) which allows you to remotely configure all the important features of the server. As long as you have a T...
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 ApacheConf - personal license Jan 28, 2004 112
ApacheConf is a shell for configuring Apache web servers, that will help you to tune the main configuration file httpd.conf. ApacheConf presents all the information in the file httpd.conf in a structured view. All of the server's directives are grouped by categories (Global parameters, Main server...
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 Nofeel FTP Server Aug 17, 2004 104
Nofeel FTP Server is a powerful, secure and easy-to-use FTP server program specially written for windows 2000/ XP. With nice and professional interface, you are easy to let others to download or upload files on your computer through the File Transfer Protocol(FTP). Nofeel FTP Server offers high st...
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 Essentia Web Server Jan 28, 2004 92
High performance Scalable Web Server, Supporting 1000s of Virtual Servers, with Built in interfaces for Servlets, JSP, ISAPI & CGI.Includes Remote Server Management, log analysis tool & Real time Server Activity Monitor....
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 WAPT Jan 28, 2004 90
WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for web sites and intranet applications with web interface. Accurate load simulation, run-time test data generation, recording and play back of secure HTTPS requests, clear graphs and reports and many other features make WAPT the solution for many businesses...
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 Web Essence Jan 28, 2004 88
Compares performance of different parameters, for available Web Servers, under test. 3D Graphical output. Executes benchmarks based on both Time and Request Secured login for authorized access to benchmark files. Single machine and multi-machine support. Allows simulation of 1000+ clients per mach...
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 ConfEditor Jan 28, 2004 85
ConfEditor is an enhanced editor with syntax highlighting and special features for convinient editing and tuning the main configuration file of Apache web server - httpd.conf....
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 AeroTags TagsLock Pro Jan 28, 2004 85
Do you own a website and need to protect your HTML files with password, encrypt the content of your web pages and hide source code of your HTML and XML documents? There is a solution! Today we are glad to offer an ultimate all-in-one solution for webmasters - AtomPark TagsLock Pro. This program pro...
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 CNSearch Pro Jan 28, 2004 84
CNSearch Pro is a simple-to-install and use search system for WEB-sites with extended capabilities. Supports Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Solaris platforms. Indexes files of types: .mp3, .html, .doc, .rtf, .txt. Provides full-text indexing, highlighted quotations in search results, accumula...
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