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 SMTPBeamer Jan 28, 2004 199
SMTPBeamer is a complete Internet and Intranet e-mail server featuring the SMTP, POP3 and HTTP protocol. Works with: Any POP3 client like Outlook Express, Outlook , Eudora, or Netscape Any Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer Dial-up, dial-pp routers, ADSL and leased-line connec...
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 PHTML Encoder PRO for Windows Jan 28, 2004 191
The PHTML Encoder (ex-PHP Encoder) allows to encode PHP scripts before distributing it. The script code saving with use cryptography. Because PHTML Encoder based on PHP source this software working on ALL computer and server platforms which support PHP. The PHTML Encoder includes converter for encry...
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 Orange Web Server Jan 28, 2004 169
Orange Web Server can turn any PC into a web server. Orange Web Server has the following features: Highly optimized - very fast and very small memory footprint; Easy to install and configure; Dynamic IP publishing. Click here to learn more. Simple administration; Server side scripting using a subset...
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 ImageGoo Jan 28, 2004 162
ImageGoo is a set of ASP Extensions for professional quality still image manipulation. Read and write BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG/ JFIF, GIF, Photoshop, QuickDraw PICT, Targa, QuickTime Image, Silicon Graphics, MacPaint and FlashPix. Draw image files or data, text, lines, shapes (unfilled, fi...
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 Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) Jan 28, 2004 139
The Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) is a complete, standalone, open architecture messaging solution that runs on both Linux and Windows platforms. Administrators can currently install IEMS on Windows 98, 2000, and NT 4.0 with SP4. For Linux administrators, IEMS can be installed on Red...
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 MPWeb PRO May 6, 2003 137
A World Wide Web Server for Windows, allowing you to host web sites on your own computer. This shareware version supports hosting multiple web sites, password protected folders and CGI scripts....
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 LocalWEB2000 Standard Jan 28, 2004 131
LocalWEB2000 Standard Edition has all the features you would expect to find in a web server 10 times its price. Although ideal for serving intranets, Standard can serve your website from your desktop PC over the internet. Used in conjunction with a third party DNS service such as DNS2GO or DNS4EVER...
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 LocalWEB2000 Professional Edition Jan 28, 2004 130
LocalWEB2000 Professional Edition has all the power and features of LocalWEB2000 Standard, plus more! Built into Professional is a Telnet server (knows as Remote Admin Server, or RAS for short) which allows you to remotely configure all the important features of the server. As long as you have a T...
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 Zilab Remote Console Server Jan 28, 2004 130
Multi-user Server. Zilab Remote Console Server is a remote console server, especially designed to run in Windows NT/ 2000 LAN environment. It allows you execute any console-based applications on the remote Windows NT/ 2000 host and supports multiple independent users sessions simultaneously. After ...
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 Reiseb|ro Plus Client/Server Jan 28, 2004 126
Reiseb|ro Plus - die Softwarelvsung f|r alle Verwaltungs- und Marketingaufgaben im Reiseb|ro. Leicht bedienbare Veranatalter-, Mitarbeiter-, Kunden- und Buchungsverwaltung. Freie Layoutgestaltung fast aller Formulare. Integrierte Textverarbeitung. E-Mail- und Internet-Funktionalitdt |ber eigenen W...
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