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 Air Force Thunderbirds Dec 3, 2003 176
View over 65 incredible photographs of the United States Aerial Demonstration Squadron the Thunderbirds. Amazing shots from inside the cockpit and out. The Thunderbirds are the premier squadron of the Air Force and in this screen saver you can see why....
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 Art of Modigliani Mar 4, 2004 175
Art of Modigliani: In this screen saver you can view the unique creations of the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani. During his brief life his work included graceful portraits and lush nudes. Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso heavily influenced his work as seen in his use of large flat areas and a sligh...
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 Michelangelo s Sistine Chapel Mar 4, 2004 174
Michelangelos Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo, a Renaissance painter, sculptor, and even architect is considered to be one of the most well known artists in history. In 1508 Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He spent the next 4 years on his back cre...
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 Beautiful Waterfalls Mar 4, 2004 169
Nothing is more enchanting and calming then a waterfall. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 30 photos of professional quality waterfalls from exotic lands, accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Micr...
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 Tiger By The Lake Screen Saver Mar 8, 2004 168
A Beautiful screensaver of a tiger drinking in the lake. The water moves on your screen. Music plays in the background. You can shut the music off. A nice screensaver to have and share with your friends and family....
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 Aussie Supermodels in Bikinis%27 Mar 9, 2004 168
A collection of Australia's Top 20 Swimwear models in great poses in exotic locations on Australian beaches. The Screensaver features a number photographs which can be placed on the computer desktop as well as numerous transition features, registered users receive additional screensaver FREE. Pleas...
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 Snakes Screensaver Mar 7, 2004 167
If you have a warm spot for cold-blooded creatures, then you might appreciate the Snakes Screensaver. It puts on a slide show of 32 high-quality photos of various types of snakes. The versatile screen-saver engine lets you set any of the pictures as your wallpaper, plus provides options for transi...
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 Hurricanes Mar 7, 2004 166
This screensaver provides an informative and dynamic look at the power and size of these oceanic monsters. Rotate 30 different satellite views of a few of the recent storms. The program is powered by an excellent screen-saver engine, which lets you adjust the time between slide changes, show pictu...
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 Eagle Waterfall Screensaver Mar 7, 2004 165
Animated eagles, horses and butterflies spend a day by an animated waterfall (with sounds) . Watch as eagles fly into the falls and pull out fish....
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 F-15 Eagle Screen Saver and Wallpaper Mar 4, 2004 165
This slideshow-style screen saver rotates photos of the F-15 Eagle. The 32-bit screen saver lets you select the time between pictures, show the photos full-screen or at original size, choose up to 14 special transition effects, and use password protection. Plus, you can use its images as wal...
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