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 Aerial Views: World Cities Mar 4, 2004 473
Aerial Photos: World Cities Screensaver (55 photos) provides an attractive slide-showpresentation of aerial photographs of the world cities. Although the images aren't breathtakingly beautiful, they are rather interesting depictions ofthe mark we've made on the planet. The program is powered by an ...
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 Cyber Piano Nov 19, 2002 470
This is a cool interactive piano that plays right on your desktop. Your keyboard turn into the piano keys. You also have 3 different instruments to choose from, such as Grand Piano, Strings, and Vibraphone....
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 Fireplace Screensaver Mar 7, 2004 397
Cozy up to the fireplace on your PC. Listen to the crackle and choose to display 1 to 6 different fireplace graphics. Animated flames roar and the brick behind glows. You can keep one fireplace up or if you choose you can rotate between all six of them. Complete with logs and andirons!...
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 Waterfall Beauty Screen Saver Mar 14, 2004 388
A Colorful scene of a beautiful waterfall that the water falls into a pond. The waterfall and pond are animtated. You can hear the water in the background. You can shut the sounds off. A nice screen saver for your desktop....
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 Marquee Plus Mar 4, 2004 353
Marquee Plus v2.2 is a Windows 95/ 98 screen saver. It appears similar to the standard Scrolling Marquee screen saver installed on all Windows 95/ 98 computers, but it has a few tricks in store: got lots to say? - New for version 2.2! Perhaps you think that having the same message scrolling across ...
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 Serene Fish Screen Saver Mar 8, 2004 334
A beautiful screensaver of a serene aquarium. "Black Water" plays in the background. The music can be shut off. A nice screensaver to have and share with your friends and family. A very nice screen saver to share with your family and friends....
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 WW2 Warbirds Mar 4, 2004 302
With the Warbird Screensaver watch as 15 different warbird aircraft randomly fly across your screen. Set which planes you would like to see, as well as the sound of the props. Select a custom background to use from your favorite bmp files. You can include your company logo and a message as well. If...
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 Amazing 3D Aquarium - Screensaver & Wallpaper Sep 23, 2004 300
The EleFun Multimedia is glad to inform you about the release of its new product, which is called Amazing 3D Aquarium - Screensaver and Wallpaper. While working at the product the company has used its recent developments in the sphere of 3D technologies, which made the product very bright and at...
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 Hemp ScreenSaver Mar 4, 2004 300
What time is it? It?s always 4:20 with this tribute to the "wacky weed" that has been a part of American culture since George Washington grew hemp back in the day. Incredible 3-D animated marijuana graphics and great music from all your favorite stoner bands make this screen saver a charming politic...
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 U.S. Army Screen Saver Mar 4, 2004 291
America's Army: In this screen saver you can view fantastic photographs of ground troops, armor, and Army aviation in action. This screen saver includes 70 digitally mastered images of the United States Army; defenders of America's freedom....
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