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 Living Waterfalls Mar 4, 2004 2262
Living Waterfalls display realistic animation in beautiful tropical photographic scenes - water than rushes over the falls and bubbles at the bottom, fish swimming in the water, ripples appearing on the surface of the water, tropical birds (parrots, flamingoes) flying past, all with realistic n...
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 MatrixWorld 3D Screensaver Apr 22, 2016 2106
MatrixWorld 3D Screensaver is a wonderful brand new screensaver for all the fans of the Matrix movie and not only for them! Enjoy the mysterious techno-atmosphere of the Matrix world full of Matrix stripes, warping desktop, flying objects, Matrix tunnels and other visual effects! The absolutely r...
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 Burn-Baby-Burn Mar 4, 2004 1805
Set your PC on fire. Realistic flames make your screen an inferno. Hear the sounds of the roaring flames or set the screen saver up as a realistic fireplace that even shows a log and the crackling sound everyone loves. Three ?looks? to the fireplace, stone, rose marble, and dark marble....
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 WarCraft III ScreenSaver Mar 4, 2004 984
Recall the most fearful battles of this fabulous game. Enjoy the thrilling music of the famous WarCraft III trailer. Features: high quality stereo music (nature theme) cross fading, mozaic and other effects 30 high quality pictures Download free trial version of this screen saver now!Purchase ...
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 Easy 3D Creator Feb 6, 2008 835
Easy 3D Creator is a powerful utility for screensavers creation with minimum of programming and other difficulties. Now you can create stunning screensavers fast and easily with Easy 3D Creator by just setting several parameters for screensaver appearance and behavoir in a simple step-by-step mode. ...
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 Matrix Inside Mar 4, 2004 627
Matrix Inside is an amazing true 3D screensaver. It uses Matrix theme, but in a completely different view- like you have never seen before! The use of this screensaver will signficanlty prolong your monitor's life....
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 Animate Nature Screensaver Aug 25, 2004 569
Animate Nature Screensaver shows beautiful photographic nature scenes with realistic animation including moving sky, birds merrily flying between the trees, butterflys flitting about above the ground. Let your eyes rest on the living pictures of the nature. Enjoy the entrancing sounds of the birds...
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 PictureRiver Jul 28, 2010 554
PictureRiver is a screensaver that helps you to enjoy a cool slideshow from your own pictures or photos. Just add folders with your pictures or photos and you'll get a cool slideshow (a sequence of images). You can specify the time to display a single picture and the transition effect duration...
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 Amazing Waterfalls Mar 4, 2004 535
Sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of this refreshing screensaver. Scroll through 3 active waterfalls that gush water as if your PC was a window to nature. No boring slide shows here! Using DirectX technology you control everything from the speed of the falling water to the volume of...
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 Any Flash Screensaver Maker May 24, 2010 473
Key Features of Any Flash Screensaver Maker Any Flash Screensaver Maker makes flash screensaver from your favorite Macromedia Flash movies. Convert Macromedia Flash file (.swf) to executable from (.exe), the other from .exe to .swf file. Easy to use with intuitive user interface and drag-drop f...
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