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 Art of Hokusai Mar 8, 2004 95
Katsushika Hokusai - The 36 Views of Mount Fuji: Hokusai was a Japanese painter and wood engraver considered one of the greater artists of the Ukiyo-e school of printmaking. In this screen saver you can enjoy his 36 Views of Mount Fuji series of prints....
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 Still Life Screen Saver Mar 7, 2004 95
Still Life Screen Saver v1.0 is a collection of still life paintings accompanied by the music of Beethoven and Mozart (MIDI). All the images are graphically enhanced....
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 Living Beaches Mar 10, 2004 95
Living Beaches turns every day into a summer getaway. Realistic water animation transports you to your own tropical water wonderland. Watch these delightfully animated scenes for all sorts of activity including blue crabs, Wilsons plovers, sea gulls, various boats and windsurfers, dolphins playi...
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 Corndog Mar 14, 2004 94
Ever wonder what happens when meat goes bad? Introducing Corndog-the sinister serial screensaver. This screensaver chronicles the adventures of its hero - Corndog - and the terror that he reaps wherever he goes. WARNING: This screensaver's content may not be suitable for all viewers. It depicts some...
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 Anva Cats Screensaver Mar 8, 2004 94
Anva Cats Screensaver? displays gorgeous photos of cats and curious kittens using a variety of professional effects. This screen saver contains 45 beautifuls photos. All photos in resolution 800*600 pix. and high color (24-bit). The trial version of this software is shows only 15 photos. This screen...
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 Women s Wisdom Mar 7, 2004 94
A collection of encouraging thoughts and messages from women that will lift your soul and give you inspiration. With over 40 floral illustrations in the background, this screen saver will not only motivate but make your day just a little brighter....
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 Ansel Adams Photographs Mar 8, 2004 94
Ansel Adams Photographs: In this screen saver are the photographs reflecting the beauty of America's National Parks, all seen through the lens of the great landscape photographer Ansel Adams....
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 Aquarium Relief - Coral Landscape 1 Sep 23, 2004 94
Coral landscape of this background will immerse you into amazing underwater world, where the animated inhabitants of the sea depth are slowly rocking on the coral reef. Please note!
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 Fireplace - Animated ScreenSaver Sep 24, 2004 93
The EleFun Company released Fireplace - a new product in the Animated Desktop Screensavers series. It?s a perfect blend of highest picture quality, 3D animation and realism. The product also has built-in ambient sound. When launched, it will take you to a room with a fireplace. Imagine that yo...
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 Commercial Jets 1 Mar 7, 2004 93
15 different commercial jet aircraft randomly fly across your screen. Set which planes you would like to see, as well as the sound of the jets. Select a custom background to use from your favorite bmp files. You can include your company logo and a message as well....
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