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 Screensaver Wonder Feb 11, 2017 4953
Easily make your own screensaver from your own pictures or video files. Screensaver Wonder supports all popular image file formats - JPG, PNG, BMP, transparent and animated GIF images. Built-in compression with smooth, high quality image resizing ensures smallest possible file size. You can inst...
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 !Easy ScreenSaver Station Apr 10, 2017 3496
Are you looking for a ScreenSaver maker software to create your own ScreenSaver? Do you have a digital camera, have taken many digital photos, and wanna make ScreenSavers with them? You can download free ScreenSaver software from Internet. Do you think it a good idea to create ScreenSaver yourself...
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 Desktop Ruler Jun 13, 2016 2383
Small by size, our ruler grew into a very sophisticated product, where you can customize almost anything you can think of: size, colors, transparency, orientation, scale, measuring units, resolution, double-click actions, behavior, display of additional information... Of course, multiple...
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 AquaSupreme 3 Aquarium Screensaver Jan 17, 2004 866
Amaze everyone who walks by your computer with this beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensaver. Realistic and colorful 3D tropical fish swim across your screen along with dolphins, sharks and sea turtles. Real-time configuration meaning you can set the plants and artifacts exactly where you want t...
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 Storm Screensaver Jan 17, 2004 855
Lightning strikes, thunder roars and the buoy bobs up and down as the bell rings. Hear the sounds of the approaching storm and see the lightning light up the sky with the STORM screensaver. COntrol the sounds individually including volume control....
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 Changer XP Jan 17, 2004 604
Changer XP is an integrated tool to personalize the IE Skin, the logon screen, the desktop wallpaper, the Screen Saver as well as the boot screen of Windows 9x/ Me/ 2000/ XP all in one. You can program desktop wallpaper, IE skin, logon screen, screen saver and boot screen to change automatica...
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 BurnQuick - Data/Audio CD Burner Nov 19, 2002 462
BurnQuick Shell CD Burner is the easiest-to-use CD burning program ever written. Just right-click on a file or a folder and select a BurnQuick command from the popup menu. Set a few options on the BurnQuick interface and click on Start. BurnQuick will burn all of the selected files to your CD-ROM bu...
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 1st Screensaver Flash Studio professional plus editor Jan 17, 2004 372
1st Screensaver Flash Studio enables you to create screen savers from Macromedia Flash (R) content. include all the features of 1st Screensaver Flash Studio Standard editor create and distribute your screen saver in self-installing (exe) package to your friends and family freely create royalty-f...
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 Screensaver Randomizer Jan 21, 2004 338
This is a special utility with a difference, for choosing a screensaver at random. The difference is that it is itself a screensaver and so takes up no resources except when the screensaver runs....
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 Earth: 3D Space Tour (screensaver) May 16, 2003 307
This screensaver will impress you by photorealistic 3D animated space scenes. Fly around our planet, amaze yourself by beauty of cosmic sunrise and sunsets. It's impossible to describe - just turn off the light in your room and prepare to space flight!...
Earth: 3D Space Tour (screensaver) download   Earth: 3D Space Tour (screensaver) free download Buy now for $17.95   Buy Earth: 3D Space Tour (screensaver) now
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