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 ECREW Test Creator II Mar 3, 2004 91
ECREW Test Creator II is the tool for creating tests for different educational subjects, quizzing and examing in the question-answer form. ECREW Test Player II is the tool for executing tests that were created in the ECREW Test Creator II. ECREW Test Creator II is the legitimate continuation of th...
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 Practice Records Manager Mar 3, 2004 87
A practice records management system designed for use by healthcare professionals. Features a compact client/ patient details database and an efficient records keeping system. Provides quick access to individual case records, easy writing / editing of case notes, and printouts. Can be complemente...
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 Calc-Add Mar 3, 2004 86
Calc-Add gives you versatility in running simple math calculations on the computer. It also gives you the ability to solve for unknown annuity factors (loan and investment information). This program comes bundled with Cash Track or can be downloaded as a separate program....
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 math_x Dec 2, 2003 85
This software deals with statistical calculation and matrix calculation. It may be used for image signal processing, DNA analysis etc. The functions are: Statistics Calculation: ...Differentiation ...Minimum ...Maximum ...Middle ...Average ...Variance ...Standard deviation ...Integr...
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 UCALC Dec 2, 2003 83
Whether you need to compute compound interest, convert from miles to kilometers, solve a quadratic equation, plot a 3D surface, or simply add up bills, you will find a tool in UCALC 4.0 which performs the task....
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 Grade Tracker Pro Dec 2, 2003 83
Grade Tracker Pro is the smart replacement, or complement, for your conventional grade book. Grade Tracker Pro incorporates countless features that help you save time, analyze your students' performance more effectively, and share information with parents and students. Whether you need to apply ...
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 SolarGeometry Aug 25, 2004 83
Solar Geometry Features over 50 different Astronomical calculations and functions with Many More To Come In Future Versions, and with Mollensoft's "Buy Once-Bought Forever" Policy, You can enjoy all Future Upgrades of this Application For Free! Calculate Many Complex Astronomical Values, quickly...
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 CCUnits Mar 3, 2004 82
CCUnits is a program for Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ NT to convert units of measure common in engineering and science. Also, several physical constants can be consulted. It includes 56 magnitudes and in each magnitude the most frequently used units have been chosen. Unlike other unit conversion p...
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 A-Converter Mar 3, 2004 82
A-Converter is a units conversion program. Using A-Converter you can quickly translate a value from one measurement unit to another. This program provides quick and easy support of your everyday activities....
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 Engineer Kit Mar 3, 2004 81
PackMetrics and Expression Calculator, are now available in a bundle, at a great price. These utilities are a must have for any engineer, scientist, student, or professional...
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