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 GetRight Download List Generator Mar 20, 2004 1342
Automatically generate GetRight ".grx" download lists based on URL + FileSeries + Index (e.g. files on www.server.com/ pics/ pic001 to ..pic123 can be automatically added as a series of downloads to GetRight). Includes username/ password, download priority and option to add list to GetRight or save...
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 Batch Rename Jan 10, 2004 426
Rename a group of files to a common base name with an automatic numeric suffix (e.g. file_01.txt, file_02.txt, file_03.txt etc..). Features "Smart Select" and "Smart Add" to automatically choose a numbered range of files based on a file name prefix and put them in the correct order (sorted numeric...
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 CipherIT Jan 19, 2004 161
Simple text encrypt/ decrypt utility. Key based encryption algorithm. Load and save encrypted ".cff" files....
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