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 Winkaraoke Lite 2.0 Aug 24, 2004 238
Our Lite karaoke player Brings you all the great P.C. karaoke features like the Microsing Winkaraoke but without recording your voice : The Winkaraoke version plays karaoke song and display the lyrics ....
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 3Flex Apr 6, 2004 204
3Flex can act as a substitute for your cd-players, md-players, cartmachines, etc. However, 3Flex is a lot more than just another jukebox. 3Flex was designed for live-assist use (where you are the DJ) or for automated broadcasts, background music, commercial playout, etc. 3Flex has the followi...
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 Mp3 Viewer Apr 6, 2004 202
Able MP3 Viewer 2.0 The Right Click MP3 Player! A quick, suitable, mp3 player "add-on" for Windows. MP3 Viewer plays MP3 files with a right click of the mouse and thumbnail preview mp3 ID3 TAG information. By means of MP3 Viewer you may easy and quickly view and edit ID3 TAG. There is a mode of qu...
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 AMF Multimedia Jukebox Apr 6, 2004 193
Play multimedia files effortlessly in seconds! Works just like a real jukebox: queue up your favorite sounds, songs, and multimedia files and hit play for hours of enjoyment. Features In Brief: - Plays AVI, MID, WAV, VOC, MOV, FLI, FLC, etc -- or any file that has drivers/ codecs instal...
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 WinCD Apr 6, 2004 187
WinCD is a tiny, attractive compact disc player...offers system tray support, the ability to select a drive from which to play your CDs, a built-in volume control, the ability to insert additional silence between tracks, and a choice of three time displays." --ZDNet Software Library...
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 AxelCD Apr 6, 2004 183
AxelCD is an attractive, free replacement for the default CD player that comes loaded with the Windows9x/ Me/ NT/ 2000 Operating System. Sometimes it's just good ol' plain fun to obtain something you don't really need. Such is the case with AxelCD. Sure, the default Windows CD player is adequat...
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 SoundWave97 Apr 6, 2004 179
SoundWave97 for Win95/ NT is a great Sound-Studio. Features include: Sample-length up to 2GB, Harddisk-recording, edit samples and use FX for each channel separately, Drag-and-Drop, freehand-drawing, many editing- and FX-tools, MCI-synchronizing, Effect- and transformation-parameter separatel...
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 Mobsoft Mp3 Magic! Dec 22, 2003 175
Mobsoft Mp3 Magic is the ultimate Mp3 tool. It has many great features! inclduing an Mp3 tag editor, an Mp3 Organiser, an Mp3 Player including the all new print list option, It comes with two Mp3toWav Converters, plus much much more!...
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 CD Player for Word Apr 6, 2004 175
Play CDs from your Word toolbar while you work! Enjoy CDs while you work - right from inside Word for Windows! It works like a real CD Player with options for Play, Skip Tracks Forwards and Backwards, Pause, and Eject. It's a complete CD player right from the Word Toolbar!...
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 VVSPlayer Revolution Apr 6, 2004 173
You may say - there are many MP3 players, what new features may it have? First of all, it uses much less resorces of the CPU than WinAmp (except for AMD CPU. Their coprocessor is too week for WinAMP and VVSP.) Secondly, it's work with the playlist is advanced. And we continue to work in this fiel...
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