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 MP3 Dj Dream Nov 19, 2002 768
MP3 Dj Dream is a customizable Front-End for your MP3 Player. It makes it easy and comfortable to play, categorize and sort your MP3 library. It is the first program to feature a MP3 ID3 Tag search. You can search for a specific song or songs by Title, Artist, Album, Type and Year on your Hard d...
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 NSA Song Player Apr 6, 2004 555
What do you want to know about Guitar Chords? Their associated arpeggios? Their notation? The notes or relative notes they contain? How they sound? Or do you want to put them into songs you are trying to learn, or even your own songs? The Song Player is a software program that can help you explore ...
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 Virtual DJ Studio Apr 6, 2004 466
A virtual mixing console for playing and crossfading mp3 and wav files. Also supports playlists made with either VDJ or WinAmp(TM) in AutoPilot, and automatically crossfades the songs. Also features SmartRandom, to ensure no repeats during shuffle play. Highly customizable interface....
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 Dj MP3 Media Apr 6, 2004 380
Dj MP3 Media is the ultimate tool for managing Media playlists. Featuring the most powerful playlist organization engine yet. It supports unlimited number of Media Players, including: WinAMP, Sonique, K-Jofol, Microsoft Media Player etc. It also supports unlimited number of Media extension via a...
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 Virtual DJ Mini Nov 19, 2002 347
VDJ Mini is a small, dockable toolbar-style media player. Features include mp3, wave, midi, and Real Audio support, playlist file support with crossfading, auto hide, top or bottom docking, and much more....
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 M2-xcode CLE Dec 22, 2003 301
M2-xcode is a highly configurable transcoder for MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 videos. The command-line interface is ideal for transcoding single videos or embedding in a batch-processing OEM environment. Suitable for Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000....
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 Melody Apr 6, 2004 273
Melody can be used to play WAV, MPEG, MIDI, MOD files or to play audio CD disks. The navigation of files and disks is simple, 2 mouse buttons are used: One click by the left button opens a disk or folder, and also starts playing a song. Clicking the right button in any place takes you up one l...
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 Star Trek MP3 Player Apr 6, 2004 271
The Star Trek MP3 Player is one of our most successful programs that combines LCARS feel with a powerful audio player that will appeal to Star Trek fans around the world. Made with the awesome Multimedia Builder it boasts many features and even has superior audio playback compared to that of WinAMP ...
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 Sleepy Sound Apr 6, 2004 253
Sleepy Sound was designed according medical recommendations and promotes more deep relaxation before and after sleeping. Try Sleepy Sound after hard working day. Turn on your favorite quiet music from CD or player on computer and launch Sleepy Sound. It will decrease sound level step by step and you...
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 DRS 2006 Apr 6, 2004 252
The DRS 2006 Software Packages are complete radio automation systems. Turn your PC into a powerful music machine without buying expensive hardware. You don't need two or more sound cards or hardware mixers, to get the full variety of mixing and making professional on air programs like big radio sta...
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