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 SmartWhois Jan 10, 2002 3345
SmartWhois is a useful network information utility that allows you to find out all available information about an IP address, host name, or domain, including country, state or province, city, name of the network provider, administrator and technical support contact information.Unlike standard...
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 NScan Dec 27, 2001 2726
NScan is an very fast and flexible portscanner for Windows, which is specially designed for scanning large networks and gathering related network/ host information. In fact, it's not only portscanner, but a kit for testing network security and reliability, that can solve numerous problems on you...
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 Nautilus NetRanger Jan 17, 2004 1216
Nautilus NetRanger is an Internet toolbox. It includes ping, traceroute, WhoIs, Time, Finger, QoD, PortScanner, IPScanner, MailKit, NetStat, and several other tools. Furthermore, it contains multithreading capabilities and a highly intuitive interface. Version 2.22 added a remote mail-del...
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 PCS Network Tools Jan 17, 2004 661
The PCS Network Tools is a collection of essential network diagnostic tools. These tools include alias, Mailhost and DNS servers used, IP Scanner, Traceroute, Ping, Whois, Finger, Time, Quote of the Day, and Local host information. Local information includes the hostname, alias, IP addres...
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 Active Whois Apr 26, 2004 428
ActiveWhois is an easy-to-use network tool for the retrieving of all information such as country, email and postal addresses for the owners of IP addresses and Internet domains. Unlike other WHOIS clients, ActiveWhois does not require special skills to collect the desired information. The latest...
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 OstroSoft Internet Tools Jan 17, 2004 370
This download is a collection of Internet tools that provides a domain scanner, port scanner, Ping and Traceroute features, host address-to-name and name-to-address resolution, detailed output, Whois and Ph clients, a finger utility, and more. It's fully configurable and fast, and works with...
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 IPPulse Jan 17, 2004 362
ipPulse is a Remote Status Monitoring Tool. Use ipPulse to monitor the up/ down status of IP connected devices (nodes) on any IP connected network. ipPulse uses a variety of methods, including ping, tcp connects, and SNMP to poll and check the network connectivity of a list of user-defined nodes....
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 TJPingPro Jan 17, 2004 352
TJPingPro performs Ping and Traceroute queries and lookups when running on Windows 95/ NT. It's fully configurable, multithreaded, and very fast. All configuration options, hosts, and interface settings are stored from session to session. The host manager allows the user to give a profile name t...
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 Rasputin Jan 17, 2004 298
Do you get annoyed when your Internet connection gets closed by your Internet service provider because of a lack of activity? This application simulates network activity to keep your Internet connection alive. This version adds an option for Windows Dial-Up Networking (DUN) users to automatically di...
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