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 Chess Clocks Feb 18, 2004 95
Chess Clocks is a game timer for playing Chess and most board games. It allows the players a certain amount of time to finish the game. It prevents a person from THINKING for 20 minutes, while the other player has trouble staying awake while he is waiting. There are 3 different game modes. Normal t...
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 Solitaire Pack Feb 18, 2004 80
Solitaire Pack v1.0 is a collection of 10 popular solitaire games but with a refreshing new look. It comes with the following features and more options such as undo, hint, set variations and choose color scheme....
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 369 for Palm Feb 18, 2004 75
This is a antique Chinese game, over 30 years history, you can play with your computer NOW !Not need to learn how to play, just POINT it !!Easy...Funny...You are not easy Win your palm, even you studied it much time....
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 Ataxx for Palm Feb 18, 2004 73
Enjoy Ataxx for Palm. You can play with Palm or your friend. The program supports three levels. It's a fun game...
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 HandheldGames Feb 18, 2004 71
All the games for Handheld PCs: HandheldSlay, HandheldConquest and HandheldRats...
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 ReverC Feb 18, 2004 70
This board game is pretty close to real reversi. ReverC supports both color ( m505/ m515 ) and grayscale ( m125 ) devices. You may play with Palm as well as with your partner making moves one by one!...
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 4 In a Row Mar 21, 2003 67
An easy to learn, fascinating & addictive strategic game - Slide your balls to victory...
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 Jungle Checkers v1.5 Feb 18, 2004 66
Play against the computer or live opponent in a game of connect-four. The object is to strategically drop colored coconuts in the board racing against the opponent to form a line of four coconuts. The formed line may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. You can also chat with your opponent while t...
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 Line of Fire Feb 18, 2004 62
Line of Fire is the new PC game that puts you and an opponent against each other, in a fast-paced, 3D environment. The object is to shoot pucks into your opponent's goal, while your opponent does the same. There are 10 boards to choose from (6 playable, 4 hidden). Some boards feature "interfe...
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