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 1st PalmXonix Feb 24, 2004 128
Ever played Xonix? The classic Xonix game is now available for the PalmPilot! The object of the game is to get as much space as quickly as possible, while avoiding enemies! There are some simple rules: Move the white dot across the field and cut areas while avoiding black dots, white stars, and ...
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 SoVain Feb 24, 2004 120
SoVain is an original and must have application that displays your paycheck's amount at the current time, based on your work schedule. This means that when you're working or having fun, you can actually see your paycheck increase second by second. Comical animated graphics add to the fun....
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 Tap'Em All Sep 27, 2006 75
Tap'Em All is a puzzle game. When the game starts, the game board is filled with bricks of 4 colors. You can remove two or more bricks of the same color that are placed together by tapping them. Remove all bricks to win the game. Version 1.1 supports skins....
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