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 Bubble Shooter Palm Feb 24, 2004 2132
Shoot at the color bubbles, and blow them up to clear the board. This new puzzle game combines easy rules with a great diversity of combinations and strategies. The best from Tetris, Lines, Pool and adding its own new and cool features. System requirements for COLOR VERSION: compatible with color...
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 Pocket Mahjongg Feb 8, 2006 1815
Pocket Mahjongg solitaire by Oopdreams software is a new very popular and extremely addictive Pocket PC game! Abandon all your troubles with Pocket Mahjongg solitaire! This is an authentic-looking Mahjongg/ Shanghai-style game from Oopdreams Software. Now it?s on your high-resolution color Sony CLIE...
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 Word Shark Feb 24, 2004 1493
Word Shark is a fun word game for the palm. Race against time to spell as many words as possible from a 4x4 or 5x5 grid of letters. Words are validated against a local dictionary as you enter them. The demo version scores on words 3-5 letters long and operates in single player mode. Purchase the com...
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 NukeWar Jun 30, 2008 1297
Set your strategy for the Cold War, Build missiles and bombers and more! When the nukes are all gone, And the Hot War is done, Did your plan earn an historic score? Command a nuclear arsenal: Missiles are ready to launch, bombers are en route, fighters scramble to defend your nation. Meanwhile ...
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 Atom Smash Feb 24, 2004 806
Atom Smash is a high speed action game. Control the paddle with your stylus or the buttons on your Palm. Power-ups fall from the bricks giving you 3-ball play, extended paddle, shorter paddle, high-power ball, slow ball, or 1-up. Create your own LevelPaks with the built-in LevelPak editor....
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 paMaze Feb 24, 2004 692
paMaze for the Franklin eBookMan, provides a three-dimensional maze in the style of Wolfenstein 3D...
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 Bzzz! Feb 24, 2004 683
Bzzzzz... Slurrrp... Chomp.... Mmmm - crunchy flies..... Life's easy for a frog - or so you thought. But what if those flies decided to get their own back..... ? You've got to keep your frog happy for as long as possible, until the nasty little mosquito bites get the better of him....
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 Bubble Thriller (PalmOS) Feb 24, 2004 623
Why "thriller"? Try for yourself, and you'll never forget that tickling feeling when a flock of bubbles flies in and you never know if they are going to end the game. The goal is simple, using the stylus you burst bubble and all the bubbles of the same color next to it blow up too, and others sli...
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 AcidFreecell Feb 24, 2004 592
Drag & Drop Card Movement. High Resolution (320x320) and Normal Resolution (160x160). Color or Grayscale. Auto-Turn and Auto-Move options. On-Screen Battery Meter. Double-Tap Auto-Move. Select Game By Number. Sequential Game Play. Non-Annoying Sound Effects with On/ Off Option. Nine Stats Including...
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 Xmas2k Feb 24, 2004 528
Xmas2k includes a Christmas Countdown Clock, The Santa Menace game, Christmas carols, and a simulated blizzard. It's good fun at any time of year, and it's only $5....
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