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 Geometry Jun 19, 2002 348
This program calculates geometric figures as spheres, triangles, cones, trapezoids, circles and right cylinders. Also, it has an application in engineering as calculation of the flow in an open trapezoid channel....
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 SoundFinder Feb 24, 2004 260
Search Chord. Using search chord, you can instantly choose Guitar or Piano chord. Searching the chord is simple. It just needs 2 tap. In effect, just by tapping two places, you can identify at a glance every root (C-B) and their corresponding type ('maj', 'm7', etc). You can find a chord for Pi...
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 paDoodle Viewer Feb 24, 2004 187
paDoodle lets you use your Franklin eBookMan as a notebook or sketchpad. Draw as many as 36 pages, and save and reload simply. Provides thumbnail viewing of stored pictures, multiple drawing pen and eraser sizes, and simple undo and page clearing. Also included are shape tools, for drawing perfe...
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 AltMeds Feb 24, 2004 177
AltMeds 1.4 celebrates two years of improving patient safety by providing drug-alternative medicine interactions and side effects at the point of care. The immense popularity of herbal and alternative medicines makes knowledge of interactions with prescription drugs and disease processes essential f...
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 America Feb 24, 2004 145
Collect your favorite TV programs. Categorized them and schedule. This easy program will give you an alternative to order and never loose any show. Give it a try and watch your most interesting programs....
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 VendingCE Feb 24, 2004 137
Control of automatic machines, clients/ machines, machines/ articles in Windows CE...
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 Minutas Feb 24, 2004 134
Gestisn de Minutas 1.4, es una aplicacisn diseqada para confeccionar y gestionar minutas de una forma sencilla y potente. Mediante el uso de menzs en entorno Windows la navegacisn y el aprendizaje de la utilidad resulta facil y agradable. Ademas, su desarrollo en Microsoft Access y su integrac...
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