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 IconLover Jul 28, 2016 5498
IconLover is wonderful utility for both professional designers and software developers and simple ordinary users. This complete solution enables you to create, edit, manage, store, search, import, download and convert icons and cursors of various formats including packed Windows Vista icons. ...
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 ArtIcons Jul 28, 2016 4579
ArtIcons is a powerful utility to find and extract, edit, import and export icons and manage icon libraries. ArtIcons contains a variety of paint tools allowing creation and editing of icons with image formats in either standard or custom sizes in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. Now you can ...
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 ArtIcons Pro Jul 28, 2016 4214
ArtIcons Pro is a wonderful new software application for customizing and editing Windows XP and Windows Vista icons. It offers a professional level workshop for designing the icon structure of your Windows. Want you System look more attractive and up-to-date? ArtIcons Pro is the software you need! A...
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 IconUtils Jul 28, 2016 3503
IconUtils is a complete icon and cursor creating and editing solution. This wonderful new software is a suit featuring 3 programs: AhaView, Any to Icon and Icon to Any software applications. Any to Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF, PSD, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR file formats into Windows...
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 Any to Icon Jul 28, 2016 3869
Any to Icon 1.23 converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, WMF, WBMP and CUR formats into Windows icons. You can add files and folders from Windows Explorer or other file shells using drag and drop. You also can paste bitmaps from the clipboard and change color resolution and size to create customize...
Any to Icon download   Any to Icon free download Buy now for $24.95   Buy Any to Icon now
 IconXP Jul 28, 2016 3823
IconXP is a powerful software for customizing your Windows desktop and icons editing. The latest version has one salient feature - it supports Windows Vista icons, their creation, customization and editing. Create, edit and save the icons for My Computer, Recycle Bin, Internet, Start menu item...
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 Desktop Ruler Jun 13, 2016 2693
Small by size, our ruler grew into a very sophisticated product, where you can customize almost anything you can think of: size, colors, transparency, orientation, scale, measuring units, resolution, double-click actions, behavior, display of additional information... Of course, multiple...
Desktop Ruler download   Desktop Ruler free download Buy now for $14.95   Buy Desktop Ruler now
 SeaStorm 3D Screensaver May 7, 2016 4092
SeaStorm 3D Screensaver creates the effect of the sea or ocean storm on your desktop. You screen displays the scenes of the stormy sea with huge stormy waves and swirls over it! The lightnings and other simulation effects complete the stunning effect of this screensaver and make it number one! The s...
SeaStorm 3D Screensaver download   SeaStorm 3D Screensaver free download Buy now for $9.95   Buy SeaStorm 3D Screensaver now
 Space Plasma 3D Screensaver Apr 27, 2016 3306
Space Plasma 3D Screensaver fills the screen of your computer with amaizing space scenes, wonderful music and stunning plasma effects. Watch the Plasma Sphere or Illuma Storm, enjoy the music and just relax! The basic features of Space Plasma 3D Screensaver: Photo-realistic colourful 3D graphics B...
Space Plasma 3D Screensaver download   Space Plasma 3D Screensaver free download Buy now for $9.95   Buy Space Plasma 3D Screensaver now
 3D Canyon Flight Screensaver Apr 27, 2016 3560
3D Canyon Flight Screensaver is a perfect simulation of the flight through the beatiful canyon full of adventures and stunning effects. Your flight through the three-dimensional canyon is so realistic that you will forget about everything! 3D Canyon Flight Screensaver is one of the best 3D screensav...
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