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 EF Process Manager Feb 17, 2017 6198
EF Process Manager is a Windows program that shows you comprehensive information about which modules processes have opened or loaded, register/ unregister modules to registry database, show the environment variables or the Windows error codes, make operations like kill process and much more... Mul...
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 Visual TimeAnalyzer Feb 16, 2017 3329
Visual TimeAnalyzer was created as an extensive reporting timesheet and project and time tracking software with a rich set of features. Its simple user-friendly interface makes the work extremely easy and its power makes it number one even for the professionals! Visual TimeAnalyzer will automaticall...
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 Screensaver Wonder Feb 11, 2017 4252
Easily make your own screensaver from your own pictures or video files. Screensaver Wonder supports all popular image file formats - JPG, PNG, BMP, transparent and animated GIF images. Built-in compression with smooth, high quality image resizing ensures smallest possible file size. You can inst...
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 GSA Auto SoftSubmit Jan 16, 2017 6884
GSA SoftSubmit might be the only software that supports multiple pad submission at the moment. It saves a lot of time. A good and easy way is to submit your software to shareware archives. The program is getting updated several times a month to make sure all included providers (over 5000 archive si...
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 PC On/Off Time Dec 15, 2016 3083
PC On/ Off Time tracking software is a small useful application that shows the working time of your computer for the last month without logging your computer before. PC On/ Off Time tracking has a time unlimited chart of working time, an automatic backup that restores all deleted events, a correct...
PC On/Off Time download   PC On/Off Time free download Buy now for $39.00   Buy PC On/Off Time now
 Archivarius 3000 Dec 9, 2016 6921
Archivarius 3000 is the system which understands natural language queries (English, German, Spanish, French for example). Documents can be searched by keyword or using query language, the same like in Internet search engines. While searching, the program automatically generates all forms of wor...
Archivarius 3000 download   Archivarius 3000 free download Buy now for $39.95   Buy Archivarius 3000 now
 Any Video Converter Dec 5, 2016 2211
Any Video Converter is a brand-new extremely powerful video converter with a rich set of features. Its simple intuitive user-friendly interface makes it a conversion software number one! Any Video Converter easily and instantly converts video files of almost all possible formats: AVI (DivX, MS MPEG...
Any Video Converter download   Any Video Converter free download Buy now for $29.95   Buy Any Video Converter now
 Alvas.Audio Nov 27, 2016 3996
Alvas.Audio for .Net is an audio library written in C#. The collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that record, play, edit, convert and display uncompressed and compressed audio data. Encode and decode Dialogic .vox data....
Alvas.Audio download   Alvas.Audio free download Buy now for $499.00   Buy Alvas.Audio now
 PowerPoint Slide Show Converter Nov 26, 2016 3864
PowerPoint Slide Show Converter was created to help the user of any level of proficiency in the creation of self-running slide show application (executable file) and screensavers. Just get this powerful application and have no more problems! Use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a photo presentation and ...
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 Typograf font manager Nov 21, 2016 2614
Typograf font manager is a wonderful new high-quality font manager for OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts. The software application possesses many useful features, among them are the possibility to preview all fonts, print them in several ways, get information about the typ...
Typograf font manager download   Typograf font manager free download Buy now for $35.00   Buy Typograf font manager now
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