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 OrangeCD Suite Mar 2, 2016 5891
OrangeCD Suite is a music collection manager, designed to meet requests of serious music collectors. You can organize album covers, song lyrics, web links and recording credits in a uniform and convenient way. The software has an explorer-like user interface and is easy to use. You can browse you...
OrangeCD Suite download   OrangeCD Suite free download Buy now for $34.95   Buy OrangeCD Suite now MP3 Collector Sep 25, 2005 970
Use MP3 Collector is a wonderful utility that will help you to organize, tag, edit and rename your audio files. MP3 Collector collection manager is based on the popular Music Collector and Movie Collector products. The software supports MP3, OGG Vorbis, APE, FLAC, WMA and WAV files. MP3 Collec... MP3 Collector download MP3 Collector free download Buy now for $39.95   Buy MP3 Collector now
 MP3 StoreX Apr 5, 2004 905
Diamant MP3 StoreX v.1.0.0 is Microsoft(R) Windows(tm)-based system managment server database designed to automate and simplify storing lists of your audio files' collections in formats such as MP3, OggVorbis. It has internal audio player and the ability of using any external player you'd like. Pro...
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 Dj MP3 Full Media Apr 5, 2004 684
Dj MP3 is a playlist maker for Winamp, Nad, Unreal Player, and Sonique that features drag-and-drop capabilities. The interface can be customized via an enhanced HTML editor that allows you to specify the background and foreground colors and title, and via a selector that allows you to choose...
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 Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional Jun 27, 2010 583
Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional is a wonderful new software application for those who appreciate their time and efforts. This program lets you change the music filenames (that often contain wrong information) based on their tagged information. Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional will help you automate man...
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 MP3 Filename Formatter Apr 5, 2004 476
MP3 Filename Formatter quickly renames MP3 filenames and sets ID3V1 and V2 internal MP3 ID Tags. This tool removes Underbars ("_"), extra spaces and other unwanted characters from the filename and leaves a nice-looking formatted filename. It has many options including Mass Renaming, MultiTagging, ...
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 Mp3 Filter Apr 5, 2004 443
Mp3 filter is a nifty utility that finds your dupe files by comparing thier name. The basic concept is to compare the words together and check how many words match (in %). Example: "Limp Bizkit - My Generation.mp3" and "05 - My eneration (Limp Bizkit).mp3". To check if these 2 files match, Mp3 Fil...
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 Mp3/Tag Studio - 1.x -> 2.x upgrade Apr 5, 2004 411
The complete suite for managing your Mp3:s! You will never again need to keep track of that bunch of small utils to solve your mp3 problems and general managing, this is an all-in-one program and also better and easier to use than practically every separate util that you will ever find! Well, you ...
Mp3/Tag Studio - 1.x -> 2.x upgrade download   Mp3/Tag Studio  -  1.x -> 2.x upgrade free download Buy now for $10.00   Buy Mp3/Tag Studio  -  1.x -> 2.x upgrade now
 Rosoft Audio Tools Dec 10, 2005 351
Rosoft Engineering offers Rosoft Audio Tools 4, Gold edition, a full-featured program bundle including Rosoft Audio Recorder, Rosoft Audio Converter, Rosoft CD Extractor and Rosoft Media Player. This remarkable software offers you a wide range of music management possibilities, including record...
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 MP3 Navigator Apr 5, 2004 310
MP3 Navigator is an easy-to-use tool that gives you quick access to your MP3 files on your hard drive, without taking up a lot of desktop space. MP3 Navigator scans your entire hard drive for MP3 and WAV files, and lists them on a tray-based menu categorically, by genre, artist, album's name an...
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