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 Midi Maker Apr 6, 2007 12931
Midi Maker is a complete bundle for constructing music files in the popular Midi format. The large array of available features and extreme ease of use will make building scores in the compact midi format a small task for anyone of any skill level. Add this gem to your collection of composition softw...
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 MyFlix XE Apr 5, 2004 5799
MyFlix XE gives you all the features of MyFlix plus MPEG-2 support. Editing MPEG doesn't have to be complicated and expensive anymore. fast frame-accurate MPEG2 editing easy to use and easy to learn interface efficient layout, so it doesn't dominate the screen info panel for MPEG file details...
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 n-Track Studio Sep 7, 2005 3323
n-Track Studio is a multitrack recorder a complete recording solution for your PC. Record, overdub, and mix WAV and MIDI tracks easily with n-Track Studio software. The software has the minimum system requirements, all you need is enough free space on your hard drive as WAV files usually take muc...
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 Mixcraft Dec 20, 2014 2122
Mixcraft Recording Studio from Acoustica will make you feel a real DJ! Record and mix music with Mixcraft easily and instantly.Give way to your creativity with Mixcraft Recording Studio! The program offers a wide range of editing options - you can cut, paste and split the sounds to your heart'...
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 SequBeat Pro Apr 5, 2004 1779
SequBeat offers a full virtual drum kit for all of your practicing and songwriting needs. It works as a sequencer for constructing percussion quality sounds. SequBeat comes with the "Power" drum library that features 16 great samples. The Power kit items include a kick, high hat, snare, cymbal, ...
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 Quartet X2 Music Studio Dec 21, 2003 1568
Quartet X2 is a music composer. Quartet is a graphical music composition/ recording tool and MIDI synthesizer, that makes it easy and fun to compose and play instrumental and background music. Read what others are saying about this. Quartet was designed for the novice, or anyone who can't read s...
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 VoiceSFX Jul 20, 2005 1402
Make your voice sound like a hyperactive space robot. Create an alien symphony by playing your favorite songs backwards. Not only can you use this program on your own voice, you can also capture sound from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) and then distort it into...
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 Midi Quartet Feb 8, 2006 1355
If you are a neophyte in music but want to create musical masterpieces then Midi Quartet by Wolff Technologies is exactly what you need! This tiny program produces great results! Midi Quartet is MIDI synthesizer and music composition and recording software that makes you feel a real composer! Its si...
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 AV Music Morpher May 20, 2013 1245
If you need a complete solution for audio and video morphing and editing you are to consider AV Music Morpher software! This professional music studio offers wide range of highly configurable options making music editing as easy as a pie! AV Music Morpher includes Voice morpher to change singer&apos...
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 AKoff Music Composer Apr 5, 2004 1205
This software is designed for recognition of polyphonic music from audio source and its conversion to MIDI score. Now one can compose music without MIDI keyboard and even without knowlege of notes or how to play musical instruments. It is as easy as humming a tune into a microphone and Composer will...
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