All Sound Recorder Apr 7, 2004 388
All Sound Recorder enables you to record sound which played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone, VCR, Audio tape player etc. You can use it to grab any sound including music, dialogs from movies, game sounds and etc from your local computer or the internet. C...
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 Easy MP3 Splitter Apr 8, 2004 187
Easy MP3 Splitter is a Powerful software for splitting MP3 files into smaller ones. It is a easy tool for creating one or more sections of large MP3 files, such as your favorite radio shows, concerts, trance mixes, etc. It support three methods to split : by frame, by time, and by size. Furthe...
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 Advanced MP3 Converter Apr 7, 2004 141
Advanced MP3 Converter is a conversion tool, that can convert WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, WAV to OGG files. In addition, you can convert your favorite MP3, WMA or OGG to WAV files to prepare them for burning onto CDs or for editing in your favorite audio editor. The program is easy to use and offer...
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 CD MP3 Burner Apr 5, 2004 114
You can use this feature to Burn an Audio CD with high speed and quality. CD Mp3 Burner will convert your favorite MP3 files to CDA format, this allows you to listen to your favorite mp3 tracks on a standard stereo system...
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 Advanced CD Ripper pro Apr 7, 2004 113
This powerful tool can extract Digital Audio tracks as MP3, WMA , OGG or WAV files on Windows9X, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP. It also provides full CD audio playback control function, so it can work as a freedb-aware CD player....
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