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 10-Strike MP3-Scanner Dec 4, 2006 904
10-Strike MP3-Scanner is a wonderful powerful utility for scanning and searching your system for MP3-files and other music file formats. Now no need to spend hours on searching your favourite songs and playlists, just resort to 10-Strike MP3-Scanner and it will find everything in just one minute! W...
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 LanSpider Apr 6, 2004 869
LAN Spider goes through your local area network to search the shared directories for certain files: documents, drawings, music & video files and many others. LAN Spider features include: Fast multi-thread search. LAN Spider is the fastest file searching utility: tests shows 300-500% increased perf...
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 InstantLyric Apr 5, 2004 749
This program will find and download lyrics to your favorite MP3 tunes by a button click. After you download the lyrics, the program will display the lyrics whenever you play an MP3 from your music library....
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 BrowseOmatic Scrambler Nov 19, 2002 199
Allows you to rename your files to the scrambled BrowseOmatic format for the purposes of: privacy of filenames, so that filenames are not readily apparent and for sharing and searching for files online with other Scrambler users. It also allows you to create scrambled (encrypted) text messages of u...
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