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 FileMonkey Jun 24, 2018 5967
The FileMonkey File operations utility automates various file operations which would otherwise be tedious and time consuming. This is a shareware product. Main features of FileMonkey include: Perform search and replace on file/ folder names and file contents Rename multiple files/ folders to match...
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 FoldMonkey Feb 7, 2018 4692
FoldMonkey will help you sort, organize and backup your files and folders. Main features include: Monitor a folder for new or incoming files. Rename those files to match specific criteria using tags such as old file name, old file extension and custom text. Move files to a new directory. Crea...
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 JPEG Japery May 28, 2014 1522
This package can copy, move, rename, strip metadata, generate lists, set attributes, encrypt, decrypt, wipe, delete and more using exif tags such as date picture taken or camera make.JPEG Japery automates common jpg file operations. This package can rename, alter case, list, set attribut...
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 Convert Monkey Jan 22, 2011 313
Convert excel spreadsheets, word documents, html files, plain text files, word perfect documents, quattro sheets or rich text file formats.Convert Monkey automates common document conversion tasks. This package can convert multiple documents into varying formats. Convert excel spreadsheets and ...
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 MaxMonkey Jan 12, 2011 68
Maximonk your windows with the MaxMonkey multiple window management tool. MaxMonkey can automatically maximize, minimize or restore windows with one easy left click or double click from the system tray. You can configure MaxMonkey to target all windows or to only target windows that match certain p...
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