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 XNote Stopwatch Mar 2, 2004 1923
XNote Stopwatch is a computer (PC) stopwatch program to measure time intervals in decimal seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. The main features are: Ability to snap the time at any moment of counting up (time recording/ tracking feature). The gap between the previous noted time and its percentage...
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 Vocabulary Worksheet Factory Mar 2, 2004 1448
Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 2 makes it easy to create vocabulary activities for the improvement of basic language skills while at the same time making spelling and word lessons fun for students. 12 Great Programs in One Create unlimited original worksheet activities with 12 different worksheet ...
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 Virtual Stopwatch Mar 2, 2004 1090
Virtual Stopwatch is a multi-function clock program. It runs in Stopwatch, Timer, and Clock Mode. The display is completely configurable. You can use Digit Definition Files or fonts to display the time in text mode. You can also display the time in analog mode. Virtual Stopwatch contains a fu...
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 3D World Map Mar 2, 2004 929
In this program you can view the world in 3D, and get reference on 269 countries and entities, compare 30000 cities over the world and more....
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 Classic Mustang Analyzer Mar 2, 2004 738
Classic Mustang Analyzer is a software product developed by John Palmisano, a member of the Association Of Shareware Professionals. It lets you identify the way your 1964 through 1993 Ford Mustang was originally built. It helps you to decode your VIN number, Warranty Data Plate, and Body Buck Tag...
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 Accent Excel Password Recovery Mar 2, 2004 537
Accent Excel Password Recovery is a small but very powerful tool. It can recover lost passwords for any document created and protected by Microsoft® Excel 97/ 2000/ XP. Its easy-to-use graphic interface and context help are provided to lead you through each session so you quickly become familiar wit...
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 Random Number Generator Mar 2, 2004 440
Random Number Generator Pro is a Windows based application designed to generate random numbers. Program allows users choose lower and upper limits and increments of the numbers. Limits can be positive or negative values. User can exclude digits from generated random numbers. Random numbers can be e...
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 Speaking dictionaries and learning words Mar 2, 2004 431
This software is a Multilingual dictionary, and the most efficient speaking software for learning words of foreign languages. It contains unique set of functions for learning words and guide to their pronunciation. 2.5 version changes: You can save user vocabulary to file (*.vcb), create user voc...
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 ReadWrite Korean v2.0 Mar 2, 2004 399
Korean HakGyo teaches the Korean alphabet and writing system - HanGul. Lessons include a structured introduction to each letter with examples of its pronunciation. Students can use the voice recording feature to compare their pronunciation with a native speaker's. The writing lessons use animation t...
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 EDictionary Mar 2, 2004 336
The EDictionary is the single-click words translation program for access information online and offline, in any application at anytime....
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