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 Pocket Ludo Feb 24, 2004 590
Pocket Ludo is a one or two player strategy board game based on an ancient Indian game of dice. Use a combination of strategy and luck to get all your tokens home before your opponent does. Along the way, trap your opponent's tokens and try to send them back to the start box before your opponent do...
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 Pocket Mancala Feb 24, 2004 425
Mancala is a strategy game that originated in Africa thousands years ago, played by moving stones around a number of pits. The objective of the game is to capture more stones than your opponent. Pocket Mancala is a one or two player game that provides three Mancala variations, Kalah, Oware and Co...
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 Pocket Bornes Feb 24, 2004 225
Pocket Bornes is based on a French car racing card game. While you race to the finish line, play your cards to slow your opponent down and overcome your opponent's efforts to slow you down. Features: One or two players; Two difficulty levels; Options/ Scores persisted, even on reset; Undo; Simple...
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 Pocket Bombs Feb 25, 2004 190
Pocket Bombs is a challenging puzzle game in which you must follow clues to locate hidden bombs, without detonating any. Features One player 2D and 3D boards with variable difficulty Hardware button support Integrated help Pause, Starting Hint, Multi-layer view in 3D Options/ Scores pe...
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