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Name: MailMate Anti-Spam Expert
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 2.1.5
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Size: 3.50 MB
Author: Brezo Software Inc
Published: Aug 17, 2004
Statistics: MailMate Anti-Spam Expert
E-mail: See inside the software
Home Page: Brezo Software Inc
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MailMate Anti-Spam Expert - description from

MailMate is a simple, yet powerful Anti-Spam software to keep you away from the pain of junk email without changing your habit of receiving emails.

MailMate does not work as some other anti-spam software, which should be run before receiving your emails, and killing spams on the server to allow you to receive emails by your email application. This method divides a simple process of receiving emails into two steps, and it must be switched between the anti-spam software and the email client software, which is rather bothering. Furthermore, this type of software always directly kills spams from the server, so normal emails may be deleted by accident to cause irretrievable loss. Considering the defects of this type of email filtering software, MailMate is designed to adopt a unique way. MailMate will run between your email server and email client software. It receives emails from your mail server (time receiving can be set) and filters spams by filtering technique, and then your email application will receive the filtered mails from MailMate. MailMate will filter all the emails on the background for the most time, and you can as usual receive emails by your accustomed email processing software as if MailMate does not exist, while the difference is that the emails are all filtered by MailMate. What MailMate tries to achieve is to keep you away from the pain of spam without affecting your email receiving habit.

As MailMate does not directly delete spams form the server, but put emails determined as spams into a "Quarantine Area", you may check the emails marked as spams and transfer the spams in the "Quarantine Area" to normal emails, which ensuring your normal emails will not be deleted by accident. For spams in the "Quarantine Area", you can reply a mock returned email to the spammer so as to puzzle him, making him believe that your email address does not exist. Of course, the mock returned email is sent in the name of your email system, not your email address.

MailMate Anti-Spam Expert is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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