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 TODDLER FUN Mar 1, 2004 717
TODDLER FUN has ten fun exercises for very young children (ages 2-5). Each exercise has many options to enhance the learning process and only requires the ability to point and click the mouse. A special Sound Editor program allows you to record your voice for all vocal feedback. LETTERS allows your ...
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 MyABCD Aug 3, 2004 498
MyABCD is a computer program for your pre school child. Your child will learn the alphabet, numbers up to twenty, the names and sounds of musical instruments and simple computer mouse skills while having fun playing simple games and enjoying the original music, sound effects and animation. You...
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 SPELLING GAMES Mar 1, 2004 431
In SPELLING GAMES, you can play ten different spelling games using lists of words you input or any of the built-in lists of 1400 words (Grade Levels K-6). Word lists (up to 30 words each) can be printed and saved on disk for future use. The program has an excellent LIST EDITOR for easy entry and mo...
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 BabyKeys for Windows Mar 1, 2004 349
BabyKeys is an edutainment program designed for children ages 6 months up to 3 years old. Its purpose is to acquaint young children with using the keyboard, mouse and joystick on your computer. When your child presses an input device (like the keyboard), BabyKeys responds with musical melodies, g...
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 EARLY LEARNING Mar 1, 2004 284
EARLY LEARNING presents fifteen educational programs for children aged 3 through 7. Lots of options allow many hours of learning fun. Included is a Sound Editor program that lets you record your voice (requires a microphone connected to your sound card) for use in programs that provide voice feedbac...
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 Activity Book Mar 1, 2004 273
Activity Book is a valuable educational resource that grows with the child through pre-school, to primary and beyond. It helps children with the fundamental skills they need throughout their education, boosting their confidence in tests and general academic work....
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 SurfBuddies Mail Mar 1, 2004 214
SurfBuddies Mail is a Windows based POP3 email client. It is designed to run on your computer and access POP3 email accounts provided by SurfBuddies, your ISP or other POP3 email hosting services. By running on your local computer, you are assured that your child's information is under your contr...
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 Wordlearn 2000 Mar 1, 2004 184
Wordlearn is an improved version of the well known flash-card system. It is especially designed to learn the vocabulary of foreign languages. But it can also be used to learn any other subject, eg. grammar or mathematics. Thanks to different powerful tools, working with Wordlearn is very efficient...
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 HOLIDAY FUN FOR KIDS Mar 1, 2004 177
HOLIDAY FUN FOR KIDS presents fifteen exciting programs, each with a winter holiday theme, for children aged 3 through 12. GIFT MATCH asks one player (play alone or against the computer) or two players to try to find matching pairs of toys in colorful gift packages. WHERE?S RUDOLPH? lets you help ...
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 Bearwood Physics Mar 1, 2004 171
Bearwood Physics is a collection of web pages all about Physics. This version includes Revision Notes for Key Stage 3 (11-14 years of age) Revision Notes for GCSE (14-16 years of age) Revision Notes for AS and A2 (16-18 years of age) Help with Coursework for GCSE. Help with Study Skills an...
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