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 Icon Craft Jul 28, 2016 4016
Icon Craft is a wonderful new tool for designing and editing icons, static and animated cursors, and other interface elements fast and easily. Now you can easily design various graphics using the only application! The software features simple user-friendly interface with a wide range of easily co...
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 Sib Icon Extractor Jul 28, 2016 3879
Sib Icon Extractor is a new very usable and highly functional software for all your icon searching needs! It allows you to scan and extract icons from almost any location, whether it is a local file or folder, ZIP-archive, RAR-archive, Mac OS file or a Web site! Sib Icon Extractor extracts icons...
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 Icon Processor Jul 28, 2016 3776
Icon Processor will help you in converting your photos and images into the nice icons. Add more personal traits to your Wndows desktop with Icon Processor! You can convert images of the following formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF and desktop cursors; extract icon files from folders and libraries and e...
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 Pixel Editor Jul 28, 2016 3469
Pixel Editor is a new complete image editing software for all your editing needs! Now you can fast and easily create and edit images and buttons for the Web-sites, mobile phones, and other needs. The software features simple intuitive interface with lots of easily configurable options and settings...
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